Xbox Feedback Top Suggestions 1st Edition

Microsoft dealt with a lot of bad press at the start of this generation. One thing good to come from it was Xbox Feedback, where fans have been able to personally express their opinion on features for the system and actually see many of them implemented in the last year.  Microsoft breaks down the suggestions by category so we’re gonna run down the top suggestions thus far mid way through th...

XBox One November Update Adds Backgrounds and Twitter

Announced just tonight by Major Nelson on his blog with a new Youtube video, the next Xbox One Update for November is adding even more features. All and all everything sounds incredibly sweet below. The Xbox One is the console that just keeps getting better and better in my eyes. ::Looks at my PS4:: You’ve given me free games…what else do you have for me though?????? Show Who You Are –...

Adaptation Alley: Round One – E3 Wrapup

iTunes Subscription Link Took longer than we hoped due to technical difficulties, but the Adaptation Alley hosts, Tim Dowd and Thomas Leverton are joined by moderator Andrew McDonald. They discuss the events of E3’s first day and some of the awesome things announced by the many companies in attendance.  

One Man So Hated EA’s E3 He Made A Video…

…To show you just his displeasure. I present to you the genius of Iain Ross.  

E3 Predictions from TRZ and Adaptation Alley

Hello Internet! E3 is upon again and the big three have the rumor mill in a tizzy. Microsoft has had a busy last three weeks, with news popping up everyday about new Xbox Skus, Xbox One OS updates, Games With Gold and more. Sony is currently testing its new online game streaming service, Gaikai, which is set to open up to more users this summer, project Morpheus, their VR headset has rumors poppin...

XBox One System Update Coming Next Week

Major Nelson just posted this morning on his blog that the first major system update for the Xbox One will be coming next week February 11th. The update on his site is quoted below. February 11 system updates On February 11, the first update will be delivered to customers who sign into their Xbox One.  It features many new improvements – including lots of behind-the-scenes updates for developers b...


The third episode of Inside the Square debuted today with the development staff answering the question of what they would do if the world was going to end in 13 Days. The Inside the Square series looks behind the scenes of process of making Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XII-3. The first two parts in the series took a look into the game designers, music composers and key development team members ...

XBox One Midnight Launch at BestBuy and Gamestop!

Talked to some excited fans last night on why they were waiting for Xbox One. Hope everyone is having fun with theirs! UPS STILL HASN’T SHOWN UP WITH OURS!  

Sexy White Xbox One Controller

Ugh I want that white Xbox one controller. Now. Soooo Jealous…  Just for Microsoft employees. Spotted by Reddit User Empw    

All Kinect Commands for Xbox One PDF

Get a head start learning your new Kinect commands for Xbox One! Link Here Provided By DoctorPatriot of Reddit.

Xbox One Upload Studio Walkthrough

Ok. This is looking very cool. I am very excited for Xbox One Upload Studio. While you may not get the last 15 minutes of gameplay, firing off a quick command to Kinect with Xbox. Record that, gets you the last 30 seconds, which you can trim, add additional footage too, picture in picture footage from Kinect and then upload the footage to Skydrive which you can then put anywhere else you want on t...

Playstation 4 Midnight Launch Video!

Surprisingly at a few places we went to in our area of New Jersey there weren’t big lines at midnight for the PS4. But we talked to a few fans and found out just what brought them out for the next generation in the middle of the night.

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