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Angela Queen of Hel #007 Review

This series is over far too soon...

Spidey #005 (2016)

Marvel's new Spidey book is a blast to the past.

Drax #005 (2016)

So far Drax has been fun...

NYCC2015 – Interview with Creator Ian Dorian and Joe Weems

Tim Dowd talked to creator and artist Ian Dorian and inker Joe Weems at this years New York Comic Con. They talk artistic influences, the people they love working with, and of course their upcoming title, Law of Resistance. If you want to follow their book and find out about the additional titles, check out their website, PKMM Entertainment.  

Splash Panel EP02: Comics And Movies

On this weeks Splash Panel, the panelists discuss comic books and their relations and influences on the film industry and vice versa. Have comic books changed the ways movies are made? Have movies influenced the way comic books tell stories? The panel investigates and discusses it here.

NYCC2015: Interview with Jim Terry of Alice Cooper VS. Chaos!

Review Zoo Personality Thomas Leverton talks to Jim Terry, horror artist and current illustrator of Dynamite Comics Alice Cooper Versus Chaos! at New York Comic Con 2015. Check out more interviews from New York Comic Con 2015 on our Youtube channel or here at To learn more about Alice Cooper VS. Chaos! just head to Dynamite Comic’s page. And check ou...

NYCC2015: Interview with Chris Claremont

Tim Dowd sits down with writer Chris Claremont at the New York Comic Con to discuss his career, what he’s currently doing and a little on how comic con scares the heck out of him through one cosplayer. Check out more interviews from New York Comic Con 2015 on our Youtube channel or here at And check out more of Tim Dowd on his new launched show, The Splash Panel, also found ...

NYCC 2015 – The Cosplays

Another year of New York Comic-Con, another year of amazing costumes from its attendees! Check-out out some of the bests and most creatives we were lucky to spot this year. As always, Sunday’s “Kids Day” is a wonderful display of parenting done right.  

New Show! Welcome to The Splash Panel!

Welcome to a new show called The Splash Panel, hosted by Tim Dowd and Thomas Leverton. The Splash Panel is a comic book centered talk show where we assemble a group of industry experts and fans to talk about issues that are important or hot in today’s comic book industry. Hosted in the awesome Rock N’ Joe’s Coffee Shop in Union NJ, the Splash Panel is taped in front of a live aud...

Superman #43 (2015)

Superman #43 (2015) Published: Aug 26 2015 Written By: Gene Luen Yang Art By: Klaus Janson, John Romita, Jr. ALIENATION continues in the pages of Superman. Dealing with after effects of escaping Hordr in the last issue again thanks to his Super Flare, Superman awakes in Lois’ apartment, more specifically her bed, to find that he’s been unconscious for more than a day. This book is full of little m...

Deadpool Trailer…For the trailer…

So the Deadpool trailer is coming! Tomorrow even, on Conan O’Brien!  But today, we get a trailer…for the trailer???

Batman v Superman Trailer: Dawn of Justice Comic Con Trailer

Wow, wow, wow. I am now super hopeful and super excited for this movie. Zack Snyder’s BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is in theaters March 25, 2016.

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