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Street Fighter Issue #000

This the original UDON Street Fighter comic until finished or bored.

Independence Day #001 (2016) Review

Welcome to Earf!

Splash Panel EP03: New Characters Vs. Legacy Characters

New Characters Vs Legacy Characters! Which are better? Is it better to take an existing character and make someone else that hero or is it better to continue to invent new heroes and try to make them match up to the legends of the past. This weeks panel of Tim Dowd, Thomas Leverton, Samuel Harper and Maria discuss our latest topic at Rock N’ Joes Coffee in Union, NJ on the Splash Panel. The ...

Injustice: God’s Among Us Year Three #05 Review

The issue opens with the Chimp Detective fighting for his life. Things are not looking good for him, which is weird because…you know, magic. Can’t all you magic guys make with the magic and make him not almost dead?   Rose shows up and asks if Chimp Detective is going to be ok, which causes Dr. Fate to magically appear and tell her that she should not be in the room because it’s the big...

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 – Issue 3 Review

(New Rules, Part 3) After just a few issues, there is no doubt that this new season of Buffy is a breath of fresh air! With so many different writers on board, the two previous seasons saw a lot of ups and downs, while the art stayed in the ends of George Jeanty. And while Season 9 found a more solid ground in terms of storytelling, Jeanty was cleary getting tired and less inspired. Meanwhile, the...

5 Craziest Moments From Ultimate Warrior’s Comic Book

Over this past weekend, the wrestling world saw the return of the Ultimate Warrior at the WWE’s Hall of Fame Ceremony. Then he popped up to wave fans at Wrestlemania, and then finally popped up again on Monday Night Raw to say hello and lay a little bit of Warrior Wisdom on the crowd. In faux Warrior gear no less. The next day he died. Just like that the man had blown back into the lives of ...

Post’s Picks – Comic Reviews Week 12

This week we are thrown right in the middle of some storylines, while other ones are just getting started. This is exciting because it has the opportunity for new characters, new villains, and maybe a reimagining of older characters. I always have hope for the beginning of any storyline because it holds such promise, but sometimes the start of a storyline can tell you all you’ll need to know about...

Sin City A Dame To Kill For Trailer

Its been years but Sin City is returning to the big screen. I loved the original Sin City movie. The stars, the characters, and Frank Miller’s pages all came to life in a new way on the big screen. This is looking like a fun ride back into that universe. Apparently this trailer leaked early! So watch it now! It might get pulled!

Guardians of The Galaxy Teaser Gif and Trailer News

This is just a tease. Full trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy is supposed to drop next week! I can’t wait! Gimme Gimme more Groot! And Rocket Raccoon too!  

The Eight – Issue #0 Now Free!

Get Issue #0 of the newly released comic book The Eight Free right now for a limited time! Here’s the link, check it out and support a couple awesome guys starting a brand new venture! We’ll have a summary of the first issue in a day or two, but in the meantime check out our previous interview with the creator/artist and colorist of the series Abdul Rashid and Alex Cutri. Part 1 of Int...

Black Widow #02 Review

Black Widow #002 Reviewed by Delphine Batier It’s been a long time coming. Although she’s appeared regularly in various comic books since the 1960s and had several independent stories (and very good at that), it’s only now that Black Widow has her own regular series. Since she’s appearing in her third Marvel film this year and has never been more popular, that is well deser...

Darkstar & The Winter Guard #3

Winter has come early to the Marvel Universe this summer as Darkstar & the Winter Guard #3 hit stores this week. This third issue marks the epic conclusion to the triumphant return of the Russian superhero team fans have come to know as The Winter Guard and an end to what has been a truly groundbreaking run for the award winning creative team of writer David Gallaher and artist Steven Ellis, t...

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