NYCC2015: One Question With Tim Sale

Tim Sale is the world class artist of books like Hulk: Gray, Spider-Man: Blue. Superman For All Seasons, and now the currently running Captain America: White. Over the weekend he was very busy and his booth very popular when it comes to autograph signing and sketches but he did agree to a one question interview with Tim Dowd. Check out more interviews from New York Comic Con 2015 our Youtube chann...

Interview With Madness Inc. WebComic Creator

Shot during New York Comic Con 2014, Tim Dowd interviews Web Comic Creator Alice Hakvaag about her series Madness Inc. You Don’t Need Booths To Get Noticed People! Just A Very Big Sign! Check out Madness Inc at

Reilly Brown, Creator of Power Play and Deadpool Artist Interview

Reporter Tim Dowd got to interview Creator and Artist Reilly Brown at this years New York Comic Con. Tim talked to him about his creative process, his original series Power Play and Saint George and his work and upcoming work on Marvel titles such as Deadpool. For more information on Reilly Brown and his work, visit him either at his Deviant Art page or his home page,

Interview with Abdul Rashid and Alex Cutri of

Newest podcast interview from The MonkeyHouse is live. Few weeks back we talked to Abdul Rashid and Alex Cutri, founders and creators of This Episode Featured An Interview with Creators Abdul H. Rashid and Alexander Cutri of a newly formed comic startup. We talk how each of them broke into comics, previous companies they worked for and mentors, and what they hope to a...

Interview with Artist/Creator Abdul Rashid – Part 2

And now part two of our interview with Creator and Artist Abdul Rashid on his new original titles coming out this year from AHR Visions. In this part we talk about the upcoming comics themselves. Brief summaries of the story/stories. The first original titles coming out of AHRV will be  kicked off with number 1 of The 8…which is the signature superhero title feature a new group of immortal heroes ...

Interview With Artist/Creator Abdul Rashid Part 01

Recently I interviewed artist/creator Abdul H. Rashid. Full disclosure, I’ve actually known Abdul for several years as we both worked for a company called A.P.N.G. Enterprises on a comic book to film project called NEW-GEN which is in development and still being published. Abdul H. Rashid is a native of Flint, MI. A graphic illustrator, creator and now soon to be publisher of his own origina...

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