Captain America Meets The Idolmaster

What if the actors in Captain America Civil War were replaced with the prospective pop idols of 765 Entertainment found in the series, The Idolmaster? You get Captain America Anime! You’d probably get a video looking something like this. Kudos to artist Bin1 6/5 九州委託予定 for his reinterpretation of the Avengers which seems to be spreading across the interwebs this morning. Now all he needs is ...

Attack on Titan: Live Action Trailer

The hit Manga and Anime is coming to the big screen in a live action movie that will also be playing in the US as well! Check out this subtitled trailer for Attack on Titan.

The Cosplay Of New York Comic Con

All the cosplay we saw during New York Comic Con 2014. More to be uploaded soon!  

Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope Pilot

I’ve never been a Dragon Ball Z fan (anime just really isn’t my thing) but when I saw this web series come across my desk today I knew I had to share it. For one it would be a disservice to the fans of the series who do not know about this project. Secondly what Robot Underdog has shot so far looks pretty damn good as well (see above). The following is from the official press release b...

Attack on Titan Official English Clip

Attack on Titan, the hit manga and anime, is preparing for its North American English Debut! Check out the first official English dubbed clip! Mike McFarland (One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist) is serving as ADR director for the dub. Funimation plans to announce the English cast leading up to the series’ premiere at Anime Boston. The convention will be held at Hynes Convention Center and the Sh...

Attack on Titan Season One Review

I wouldn’t consider myself an anime connoisseur, but have I have devoted time to watching anything that gets popular enough to catch the attention of Western internet dwellers. I have thoroughly enjoyed Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist among other series. The popularity on the internet of Attack on Titan can be seen in memes, GIFs and just about everywhere. I first became aware of ...

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