EP 29: I’m Thankful That This Year is Nearly Over aka Thanksgiving Episode

Recorded November 24th, 2020.

This week on TOGNP!

Yes, 2020 was so bad, even Youtube felt bad about making us sit through another Youtube Rewind video. Did you see last years? YEESH…

But yeah this is a short one folks, due to the holiday week! On this weeks episode…

Quick discussion on Xbox Series X and The Queens Gambit.

No Trailer Park! Find your own trailers!

In, now dubbed, Timed Topics, Wonder Woman In theaters and your home X-Mas Day and Independent Cinema Alliance is happy, G4 Holiday Reunion Special, A Sequel to the Three Jokers…yay…., Conan to end late night talk show in 2021, move to HBO Max for streaming dollars, The Last of Us Greenlit for TV, Wipeout Course Kills Contestant, and more.

And in our Main Discussion, we share what we are thankful for in this trash bag year.

Join Sam and Andrew as they discuss these topics and more on this every episode of Totally Original Geek News Podcast!

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