Avengers: Age of Ultron (Power Rangers: Zeo Style!)

The Unusual Suspect knocks out another awesome video for Avengers: Age of Ultron (Power Rangers: Zeo Style). Again, if this was a show I’d watch it, but the guy does amazing trailers with an obvious love of the Power Rangers with other entertainment processes. It is a quick one minute video, give it a watch and enjoy.

Batman Kill Count

So we’re taught in the comics, that killing is the ultimate last resort for Batman. He just plain doesn’t do it. Even Joker who he could have let die he saves, even though he knows if Joker escapes again the body count is just gonna rise. Well now, in the movies… In the movies, Batman has a much more relaxed moral code I would say. Youtube user Mr Sunday Movies proves that with h...

Spider-Man Trailer in Deadpool Style

Cool little trailer for the Spider-Man movies made in the style of Deadpool’s current trailer. Youtube user, The Unusual Suspect. A lot of fun and still in the general feeling of Spider-Man. Definitely worth the watch. Of course, fun trailers aside, will Deadpool be worth it? Ryan Reynolds can be funny, the merc with a mouth is definitely high on everyones list too. But a Feburary release an...

Gritty Power Rangers Reboot Is Awesome!

Last year, news broke that the Power Rangers might get a movie reboot that would be slightly grittier than the show we remember as children. Yesterday, Joseph Kahn released his vision of what that film might look like starring James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff. Check out the video. It is awesome!

Grand Theft Auto 5 Next Gen Launch Trailer

We all know the deal. If your like me you’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto 5 for a while now, but finally its making its next gen console debut in little over a week. If you don’t have it or you just want it on the new hotness with the shininess, first personness, and new downloadable to your hard driveness, this is probably the version for you. Unless your holding out for the PC 4K re...

Sam Harper Experiences New Food Alternative Soylent!

In case you haven’t heard, Soylent is an open source nutritional drink. Its creator, software engineer Rob Rhinehart, researched nutritional requirements and developed the formula by self-experimentation based on his own research online, with textbooks, and through scientific journals. And as we know, if there is one thing software engineers know, its how to make a tasty milkshake. A commerc...

New Avengers Trailer Part 2: With Bonus Footage!

So last week the Avengers trailer leaked. Then yesterday Marvel announced their entire slate of films and two bits of footage leaked out from that. And again last night, Marvel released the trailer they planned to release last night, the footage that was seen at this years San Diego Comic Con, with the bonus of seeing the Avengers and friends of the Avengers gathered to have a bit of fun before th...

Bleed 2039 Interview With Creators at New York Comic Con 2014

Two week ago I got to talk to creators Alan Edwards and Abdul Rashid about their new series, Bleed 2039 which debuted just a few days before on Amazon and was making its first public appearance at New York Comic Con 2014. The book is now available on the Amazon Kindle Store and you can get it here.

Reilly Brown, Creator of Power Play and Deadpool Artist Interview

Reporter Tim Dowd got to interview Creator and Artist Reilly Brown at this years New York Comic Con. Tim talked to him about his creative process, his original series Power Play and Saint George and his work and upcoming work on Marvel titles such as Deadpool. For more information on Reilly Brown and his work, visit him either at his Deviant Art page or his home page,

XBox One November Update Adds Backgrounds and Twitter

Announced just tonight by Major Nelson on his blog with a new Youtube video, the next Xbox One Update for November is adding even more features. All and all everything sounds incredibly sweet below. The Xbox One is the console that just keeps getting better and better in my eyes. ::Looks at my PS4:: You’ve given me free games…what else do you have for me though?????? Show Who You Are –...

Andrew Smash – NYC Comic Con 2014

With this years NYC Comic Con we decided this was an opportune time to roll out one of our new segments, Andrew Smash! It takes some inspiration from Billy Eichner’s, Billy on the Street in that Andrew runs around asking people questions. The questions mainly are in reference to how they are dressed or the character they are. If they get the question right they get a quarter. Wrong answers a...

New Podcast Between Two Andrews Watch Sin City A Dame To Kill For

Welcome to the first episode of Between Two Andrews, a new podcast/vlog where we discuss the movies we see directly after the movies and most times in the car! Every week myself, Andrew McDonald and cohost, Andrew Verdi, hope to have a special guest commentator or commentators who will also share thoughts about the film we’ve watched and keep the conversation fresh or just break myself and m...

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