Angela Queen of Hel #007 Review

This series is over far too soon...

Chyna I and Chyna II Review

Chyna wasn't great, but it had potential...

The Unbelivable Gwenpool #000

For anyone who needs a TL:DR version, Gwenpool is a ton of fun, but is she necessary in the long run?

Street Fighter Issue #000

This the original UDON Street Fighter comic until finished or bored.

Independence Day #001 (2016) Review

Welcome to Earf!

Spidey #005 (2016)

Marvel's new Spidey book is a blast to the past.

Black Science Vol 1

If you take “Lost in Space” and mix it with “Sliders” you would get only half of the awesomeness that “Black Science” brings to the table.

Spider-Man #03 (2016)

Face it Miles, your life just got rough...

Drax #005 (2016)

So far Drax has been fun...

The Eight #001 (2015)

The Eight is the newest of the AHR Visions line to launch since last years New York Comic Con.

Marvel’s Ant-Man Review

Go see Ant-Man.

Post Picks – Black Vortex’s Can’t Stop Super Robin

Uncanny X-Men #31 Volume: Uncanny X-Men Publisher: Marvel Creators: Alan Fine, Dan Buckley, Joe Quesada, Axel Alonso, Mike Marts, Xander Jarowey, Joe Caramagna, Antonio Fabela, Al Vey, Victor Olazaba, Jaime Mendoza, Mark Irwin, Wayne Faucher, Marc Deering, Tim Townsend, Chris Bachalo, Brian Michael Bendis Characters: Professor X, Hijack, Mindee Cuckoo, Phoebe Cuckoo, Goldballs, Tempus, Celeste Cuc...

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