Splash Panel

Splash Panel EP03: New Characters Vs. Legacy Characters

New Characters Vs Legacy Characters! Which areĀ better? Is it better to take an existing character and make someone else that hero or is it better to continue to invent new heroes and try to make them match up to the legends of the past. This weeks panel of Tim Dowd, Thomas Leverton, Samuel Harper and Maria discuss our latest topic at Rock N’ Joes Coffee in Union, NJ on the Splash Panel. The ...

Splash Panel EP02: Comics And Movies

On this weeks Splash Panel, the panelists discuss comic books and their relations and influences on the film industry and vice versa. Have comic books changed the ways movies are made? Have movies influenced the way comic books tell stories? The panel investigates and discusses it here.

New Show! Welcome to The Splash Panel!

Welcome to a new show called The Splash Panel, hosted by Tim Dowd and Thomas Leverton. The Splash Panel is a comic book centered talk show where we assemble a group of industry experts and fans to talk about issues that are important or hot in today’s comic book industry. Hosted in the awesome Rock N’ Joe’s Coffee Shop in Union NJ, the Splash Panel is taped in front of a live aud...

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