Adaptation Alley – Fantastic Four Movie

The Fantastic Four Movie Cast has been announced! We here at The Review Zoo have our own issues with the film but the guys at Adaptation Alley also have their own ideas for a new Fantastic Four film. Listen to them hash it out on the latest edition of Adaptation Alley! You download and subscribe to the show at the links below! iTunes Subscription Link Download this weeks episode here.

Adaptation Alley – The Ant-Man Movie

Another week, another Adaptation Alley. This week the boys attack the idea for an Ant-Man movie. Oh they know one is being made, but they have a few ideas on how they would do it in the first place. You download and subscribe to the show at the links below! iTunes Subscription Link Download this weeks episode here.

Adaptation Alley – The Sinister Six Pitch

This week Adaptation Alley tackles the idea of The Sinister Six and their possible appearance in the new Spider-Man Movies! Join our hosts Tim Dowd and Tom Leverton as they explore the possibilities of what Sony can do to make a franchise out of Spider-Man’s toughest villains. If you have ideas for things Tom and Tim should tackle email them at thealley@thereviewzoo.com. They want to hear fr...

Adaptation Alley Launches with Fox’s Gotham Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of Adapation Alley! What’s Adaptation Alley you ask? Ever hear an idea for a movie and go bleh, I’ve got a better idea than that? Tim and Tom do that all the time. Join Tim Dowd and Tom Leverton as they explore the themes and ideas behind upcoming movie and TV shows of note and express whether or not they think they could do it better and how. The topic of ...

Interview with Molly Fahey, on her Grand Theft Auto V Appearance

Grand Theft Auto V is a juggernaut! Funny enough I know someone who stared down the juggernaut and got to hang out in its world. Hell, she will forever live in its world now. Molly Fahey, an actress and friend of mine revealed after the games launch that she did voice over work and motion capture for it. The scene she appears in is attached below, but click the other link to hear an interview with...

NEW-GEN Spotlight – Interview with Gisele Lagace

This interview originally appeared at A.P.N.G. Enterprises where Andrew is also an employee. Today we have an interview with Gisele Lagace, creator of Penny and Aggie, Cool Cat Studios, Menage a 3 and Eerie Cuties. She tells us about what got her into comics, how hard it is to be a full time webcomic writer and artist and what currently published title she would work on if given the opportunity. S...

Interview with Vampire Cowboy Theater

NYCC 2008 – Interview with Vampire Cowboy Theater We’re hitting the doldrums of summer so we’re dropping another review on you from earlier in May that we did with Vampire Cowboy Theater. They do wicked, sci fi, fantasy, etc theater. Anything you could ever NOT imagine doing a stage show about, these guys probably have done a stage show about it. So check out the interview and th...

Review Zoo Radio Episode 01 – Check it out!

Edlund Gerard and I recorded the first Review Zoo Radio Sunday night, and I don’t think its exactly Shakespeare but it is definitely a step in the right direction for the site. We hope to do another one at the conclusion of the NY Comic Con this weekend and give our impressions and thoughts on it. So stay tuned, enjoy and hope to see ya back here Monday with our next one. And our relaunch!

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