Splash Panel EP03: New Characters Vs. Legacy Characters

New Characters Vs Legacy Characters! Which are better? Is it better to take an existing character and make someone else that hero or is it better to continue to invent new heroes and try to make them match up to the legends of the past. This weeks panel of Tim Dowd, Thomas Leverton, Samuel Harper and Maria discuss our latest topic at Rock N’ Joes Coffee in Union, NJ on the Splash Panel. The ...

Splash Panel EP02: Comics And Movies

On this weeks Splash Panel, the panelists discuss comic books and their relations and influences on the film industry and vice versa. Have comic books changed the ways movies are made? Have movies influenced the way comic books tell stories? The panel investigates and discusses it here.

New Show! Welcome to The Splash Panel!

Welcome to a new show called The Splash Panel, hosted by Tim Dowd and Thomas Leverton. The Splash Panel is a comic book centered talk show where we assemble a group of industry experts and fans to talk about issues that are important or hot in today’s comic book industry. Hosted in the awesome Rock N’ Joe’s Coffee Shop in Union NJ, the Splash Panel is taped in front of a live aud...

The Gentleman Fanboy Podcast Star Wars and More

This weeks Gentleman Fanboy Podcast discusses the new Star Wars trailer and the all the geeky minutiae that we can pull from it. We also discuss could Nintendo ever become part of Disney? Would it even be a good fit? And the official Fantastic Four synopsis is released and it sounds…good? Stop on by and listen to The Gentleman Fanboy! And we’re now on Stitcher too!

The Star Wars Movie Pitch with Adaptation Alley

The new Star Wars trailer hit the web a few days ago and its exciting. But you know whats also exciting? The Emperor. The Dark Lord of the Sith. Of course, more exciting than an old man with lightning powers on a throne is imaging a movie that would tell us who this guy is and where the heck he came from. Enter Adaptation Alley, where Tim and Tom discuss the Emperor, his origins, and how you could...

Between Two Andrews: Ghostbusters

In the second episode of Between Two Andrews we watched the 30th anniversary re-release of a timeless classic, Ghostbusters. Seeing we were all much too young to see this during it’s original release we figured to give it a go. Our special guests for this episode are Marah and Frank Malgapo. Watch as they overcome by too much Andrew awesomeness. Clearly this is a much more uplifting episode ...

Interview with Abdul Rashid and Alex Cutri of AHRVisions.com

Newest podcast interview from The MonkeyHouse is live. Few weeks back we talked to Abdul Rashid and Alex Cutri, founders and creators of AHRVisions.com This Episode Featured An Interview with Creators Abdul H. Rashid and Alexander Cutri of AHRVisions.com a newly formed comic startup. We talk how each of them broke into comics, previous companies they worked for and mentors, and what they hope to a...

New Podcast Between Two Andrews Watch Sin City A Dame To Kill For

Welcome to the first episode of Between Two Andrews, a new podcast/vlog where we discuss the movies we see directly after the movies and most times in the car! Every week myself, Andrew McDonald and cohost, Andrew Verdi, hope to have a special guest commentator or commentators who will also share thoughts about the film we’ve watched and keep the conversation fresh or just break myself and m...

The Monkey House – Interview with DC Comics Scott Snyder of Batman

Hello! Welcome to the Monkey House, a new original podcast from The Review Zoo where we talk to people we find interesting in the entertainment world of comics, movies, tv, and the internet. Today’s interview is with DC Comics writer Scott Snyder over the phone with Adaptation Alley podcasters, Tim and Tom. Our interviewers talk Batman, Year Zero, Comics, Life in NYC, and more as Scott prepa...

Adaptation Alley: Round One – E3 Wrapup

iTunes Subscription Link Took longer than we hoped due to technical difficulties, but the Adaptation Alley hosts, Tim Dowd and Thomas Leverton are joined by moderator Andrew McDonald. They discuss the events of E3’s first day and some of the awesome things announced by the many companies in attendance.  

Adaptation Alley – Emperor Palpatine Movie Pitch

Adaptation Alley is visiting a galaxy far, far, away this week! Tim and Tom discuss the idea of a stand alone Emperor Palpatine movie and what could be done to explore the back story of the evil emperor of the Star Wars universe! Listen now on the latest Adaptation Alley! You download, subscribe, or just play the show at the links below! iTunes Subscription Link

Adaptation Alley – The Perfect Superman Game

Let’s face it…nearly every Superman game ever made has been a horrible mess. So what better topic for Tim and Tom to tackle in this weeks Adaptation Alley! Listen to Tim and Tom try to figure out what the other Superman games are missing and what they think could make the perfect one. Listen now on the latest Adaptation Alley! You download and subscribe to the show at the links below! ...

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