NYCC2015: Interview with Jim Terry of Alice Cooper VS. Chaos!

Review Zoo Personality Thomas Leverton talks to Jim Terry, horror artist and current illustrator of Dynamite Comics Alice Cooper Versus Chaos! at New York Comic Con 2015. Check out more interviews from New York Comic Con 2015 on our Youtube channel or here at To learn more about Alice Cooper VS. Chaos! just head to Dynamite Comic’s page. And check ou...

NYCC2015: One Question With Tim Sale

Tim Sale is the world class artist of books like Hulk: Gray, Spider-Man: Blue. Superman For All Seasons, and now the currently running Captain America: White. Over the weekend he was very busy and his booth very popular when it comes to autograph signing and sketches but he did agree to a one question interview with Tim Dowd. Check out more interviews from New York Comic Con 2015 our Youtube chann...

Interviews, Force Friday, & Times Square!

Got your attention? We braved the lines, the summer heat, and the New York traffic, to go where the people are. But we didn’t want to see them dancing. We wanted to see people excited for Force Friday and Star Wars toys at midnight. As usual, Times Square didn’t disappoint. And the large lines snaking around Toys R’ Us and around the corner from the Disney store a block away prov...

Interview With Madness Inc. WebComic Creator

Shot during New York Comic Con 2014, Tim Dowd interviews Web Comic Creator Alice Hakvaag about her series Madness Inc. You Don’t Need Booths To Get Noticed People! Just A Very Big Sign! Check out Madness Inc at

Interview With

Thomas Leverton chats with the creator of, Kerri O’Connell at this years New York Comic Con. Good Wood’s products might be an awesome stocking stuffer under a tree. Personally, we’re still sad we didn’t get to get their Dub Box, the funkiest speaker made out of wood you’ve ever seen. Check out the interview then head over to

Bleed 2039 Interview With Creators at New York Comic Con 2014

Two week ago I got to talk to creators Alan Edwards and Abdul Rashid about their new series, Bleed 2039 which debuted just a few days before on Amazon and was making its first public appearance at New York Comic Con 2014. The book is now available on the Amazon Kindle Store and you can get it here.

Lords of the Fallen Interview at New York Comic Con 2014

Review Zoo reporter Tim Dowd got a chance to speak with Michael Chang, Global Brand Manager for Bandai Namco Games at this years NYC Comic Con. They discussed the soon to be released Lords of the Fallen and why you should be excited for the game. Check out the interview above. Lords of the Fallen hits the PS4, Xbox One and PC October 28, 2014.

Reilly Brown, Creator of Power Play and Deadpool Artist Interview

Reporter Tim Dowd got to interview Creator and Artist Reilly Brown at this years New York Comic Con. Tim talked to him about his creative process, his original series Power Play and Saint George and his work and upcoming work on Marvel titles such as Deadpool. For more information on Reilly Brown and his work, visit him either at his Deviant Art page or his home page,

Killing Floor 2 Interview and Game Details

At this years NYC Comic Con I got to see a demo for the sequel to the hit PC game Killing Floor which is set to hit Steam some time next year. Killing Floor 2 takes place one month after the events from the original game. Players are in continental Europe where Horzine Biotech’s failed experiment has caused a massive outbreak that is nearly unstoppable as it spreads through the region, cripp...

The Marvel Experience Interview with Hero Ventures

We had a chance to sit down and speak with Rick Licht and Doug Schaer of Hero Ventures at this years NYC Comic Con. Both Rick and Doug were nice enough to give us full details on Marvel’s new hyper reality experience, The Marvel Experience. A roadshow that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. For event dates and more information please visit: The Marvel Experience.  

Interview With Garrett Wang at New York Comic Con 2014

Walking through New York Comic Con I spotted a personal favorite of mine, Garrett Wang, Ensign Freaking Kim from Star Trek Voyager. I definitely knew I couldn’t walk by without saying hello, but better yet, he agreed to a quick interview. We talked about why he was at comic con with the Star Trek Equinox guys, his latest projects and his involvement in the newly released Star Trek Online exp...

Interview with Abdul Rashid and Alex Cutri of

Newest podcast interview from The MonkeyHouse is live. Few weeks back we talked to Abdul Rashid and Alex Cutri, founders and creators of This Episode Featured An Interview with Creators Abdul H. Rashid and Alexander Cutri of a newly formed comic startup. We talk how each of them broke into comics, previous companies they worked for and mentors, and what they hope to a...

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