New TRANSFORMERS: Devastation trailer is a nostalgia bomb

Here’s the latest trailer from Platinum Games, TRANSFORMERS: Devastation. This time we get character specific battle styles to what looks like a really fun brawler. Looking forward to trying this out. Comes out on October 6, 2015 on all consoles and PC.

Latest Batman Arkham Knight Trailer

The Trilogy of Arkham games from creators Rocksteady is just a few months away and it looks like it is going out with bang. With classic Batman villains and a new adversary in the Arkham Knight Batman is in for his toughest fight yet. And I personally cannot wait. Check out the new trailer! Following the news yesterday that Batman: Arkham Knight would be the first in the series to be given an “M f...

Tales From The Borderlands Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes of TALES FROM THE BORDERLANDS: A TELLTALE GAMES SERIES  “The Gearbox Interview” Just a little while ago Telltale Games sent out emails cluing us in on the new behinds the scenes video interview with their friends at Gearbox Software about our upcoming episodic game series, Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Games Series. The video features some exclusive new foota...

Xbox Feedback Top Suggestions 1st Edition

Microsoft dealt with a lot of bad press at the start of this generation. One thing good to come from it was Xbox Feedback, where fans have been able to personally express their opinion on features for the system and actually see many of them implemented in the last year.  Microsoft breaks down the suggestions by category so we’re gonna run down the top suggestions thus far mid way through th...

Lords of the Fallen Interview at New York Comic Con 2014

Review Zoo reporter Tim Dowd got a chance to speak with Michael Chang, Global Brand Manager for Bandai Namco Games at this years NYC Comic Con. They discussed the soon to be released Lords of the Fallen and why you should be excited for the game. Check out the interview above. Lords of the Fallen hits the PS4, Xbox One and PC October 28, 2014.

Killing Floor 2 Interview and Game Details

At this years NYC Comic Con I got to see a demo for the sequel to the hit PC game Killing Floor which is set to hit Steam some time next year. Killing Floor 2 takes place one month after the events from the original game. Players are in continental Europe where Horzine Biotech’s failed experiment has caused a massive outbreak that is nearly unstoppable as it spreads through the region, cripp...

XBox One November Update Adds Backgrounds and Twitter

Announced just tonight by Major Nelson on his blog with a new Youtube video, the next Xbox One Update for November is adding even more features. All and all everything sounds incredibly sweet below. The Xbox One is the console that just keeps getting better and better in my eyes. ::Looks at my PS4:: You’ve given me free games…what else do you have for me though?????? Show Who You Are –...

Dance Central Spotlight Review

I’m not going to lie. One of the main reasons I bought the Xbox One was for the Kinect and mainly because of Dance Central. I own the last 3 Dance Centrals and enjoyed what Harmonix had built with the original Kinect. Harmonix released Dance Central Spotlight on September 2nd and while the game is not as robust as the previous titles, it’s still really fun. Spotlight is a digital only title priced...

The Walking Dead Season 2 Review

Season 1 of The Walking Dead video game series was all about the protection and ensured safety of Clementine by Lee. In the second season with Clem a little more grown up and kind of on her own you are now in control of her and her actions. Basically what season 2 boils down to is how far you want to go with desensitizing this young girl. Will you try to hold on to every last bit of innocence she ...

WHY!!!!! AND YAY!!!!! Binding of Issac Release Date!


Official Destiny Gameplay Trailer

The official release of Destiny is nearly upon us and millions of gamers are prepping for its launch. Bungie just dropped this Destiny gameplay trailer today to help escalate the excitement some more.

Lego Batman 3 Trailer Looks Like A Winner

Lego Batman 3 is coming and while some of you may be sick of Lego games and some of you out there have never tried them they are fun. As a 31 year old man, they are fun that I can enjoy with my equally aged girlfriend and my youngest cousins. Check out the trailer and see if the end doesn’t make you crack a smile.  

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