Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald is not a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. He actually works way too many jobs, but he started The Review Zoo because he had an opinion he wanted to share. Then he found people equally opinionated to join him. Currently he is working on a web series and a comic book.

Hello from the Wii Browser!!

This is just an impression right now but so far on basic sites it’s speedy and quick. Typing with the Wiimote isn’t bad. It’s not overly sensitive and letters are big enough to see from your couch. The word suggestions are also not bad – they are helpingenuity me write this quite a bit faster while allowing the system keyboard support.  Having one of the buttons on the remote ...

Deja Vu or another good Denzel performance

[thumb:7:l]It could be said this movie is another good Denzel one. Can’t remember the category of it for sure but the movie does appear to be a drama from first look, which it is, but as you get into it you realize its also a bit of a science fiction drama, which I’m not sure is a category Mr. Washington has delved into very often. Some spoilers after the link, so be warned, but to sum...

The Holiday

[thumb:6:l]That’s right. I saw it. Saturday night. Found myself buddy-less and without any to hang with so I took my mom to the movies since my father was busy. And you know what? I enjoyed the damn movie. I really did. So if you want to read a review click the link and I’ll tell you what I think about this chick flick I willingly saw. :P

Punisher War Journal #01

[thumb:5:l]Welcome back, Frank. The Marvel Universe has missed you. The Punisher hasn’t really been gone, but for a few years now he has been playing things slightly under the scenes. While there has been no lack of punishing when it comes to mobsters, drug dealers, Russians and even terrorists in their homelands, there’s a certain group that Frank hasn’t much run in with lately....

Spider-Man Reign Issue #01

[thumb:4:l]What if Spider-Man fell into The Dark Knight Returns world? What if it was a dark world where heroes were no longer were needed or wanted and the ones who did stay behind had lost their will to do what they once did? Spider-Man: Reign is that kind of story. A dark, future New York where Peter Parker is an old man, possibly even the same age as Uncle Ben, maybe even older. He works odd j...

Brodie’s Law Interview at NY Comic Con 2006

We got a chance to talk to the creators of a hot import comic Brodie’s Law on the 2nd Day of the NY Comic Con. Check it out.

NY Comic Con 2006 – Interview with Andrea Grant, Creator of Minx: Coma Sleepers Hear it All

I was fortunate enough to get some more one on one time with Ms. Andrea Grant today and talk to her a little more indepth about her new book, Minx, from her company Copious Amounts Press. Check out the video from the con.

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