X-Men Apocalypse Reviews = ‘Meh’???

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This weekend, 20th Century Fox held the first screenings of Bryan Singer’s X-Men Apocalypse and now the reviews are in. Some people love Singer’s epic vision, but most found it to be long, bloated, and disappointing. We’ve got examples of them all.

Source: The First Reviews of X-Men Apocalypse Are In, and They’re ‘Meh’

io9.com does the work for me in gathering them, but the early reviews are not pointing to Captain America: Civil War praise for Marvel’s mutant team.

At this point, it’s definitely to be expected. The X-Men movies have been going on for nearly 16 years now. The fact that they’ve only had a few clunkers, that thankfully didn’t kill the entire franchise for Fox is as much a miracle as Marvel Studios current run.

But so far, none of the reviews seem to be terrible for X-Men Apocalypse, they just seem to basically say the movie is ok, just not great.

Of course in today’s film industry, ok but not great, can be just as damaging to a film’s long-term future as well. What is also a shame for we fans of Marvel’s many characters is for any set of movies made by now pretty much exclusively Fox, as Sony is now under the Marvel umbrella with Spidey, you almost end up rooting against the film.

Deadpool was a master class in fun, irreverent superhero films and I definitely want to see what the same team comes out with next. For now, we also know a Bryan Singer X-Men film is much better than the Brett Ratner alternative we could end up with. But how good would a Marvel Studios X-Men film be? We got 30 minutes of Spidey in the last Cap movie last week, and many of us are already calling it the finest Spider-Man appearance in film history.. 30 minutes! Imagine an entire film?

I plan to see X-Men Apocalypse, but Marvel is definitely making it harder and harder for everyone else who isn’t playing ball with them to look as interesting.

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