Jessica Jones is returning for Season 2!

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In a new podcast, Bloomberg and Vulture chat with TV and film creators working on location in NYC.

Source: Superhero Jessica Jones Storms the Streets of New York – Bloomberg

Somehow I missed this piece of news from back in the middle of April. had an interview with Melissa Rosenberg where she announces Jessica Jones, Season 02, will go back into production in 2017.

Jessica Jones has most definitely been the Guardians of The Galaxy for the Netflix segment of Marvel’s cinematic endeavours. A character most people never knew which by the time it debuted was getting better reviewers than its previous outlier in Daredevil with the excellent Charlie Cox as the lead.

While I’m sure we may get a little more of Jessica Jones in the upcoming Luke Cage, another season with the tough as nails and rude as hell Jessica Jones is the perfect recipe for another hit I’m sure.

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