Spidey #005 (2016)

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spidey_005Marvel’s new Spidey book is a blast to the past. A pseudo retelling of Spidey’s early days.

The basic Spidey tropes are hit, aunt may trying to make ends meet, Pete selling pics to Jonah that he uses to make him look bad, pinning over Gwen Stacey while being bullied by flash Thompson. In gym class.

The book starts with Spidey recalling the events that led  up to a near disastrous encounter With the Green Goblin.

Inherently there is nothing wrong with the book, the story is fun and it’s artwork is a good style, but I wonder who these stories are for? It’s like someone at Marvel decided, well Peter Parker is old and Miles Morales is young but everyone loves young Peter Parker stories so let’s do that too.

Again nothing wrong with it, but with Spider-Verse, spider teams, Spider-Women, and two Spider-Men the only real reason I can see for this book is to have it tie into the Captain America Civil War film with the introduction of a new Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Like I said, this book is fun, the art is nice, the story is solid. If your favorite Spidey is a young Peter Parker and you want a comic book not bogged down in a ton of history that you have to know, this is the Spidey for you.

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