Independence Day #001 (2016) Review

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Independence Day #001 (2016)

The sequel to the film, Independence Day,  is nearly upon us and we’ve got a new tie-in comics to come along with it. This four issue miniseries highlights a side story that takes place during the original film.

After mankind learns how they can weaken the aliens with a computer virus and start taking down their ships, this specific ship crashes into the ocean before it can be attacked.

A team of marines rendezvous with a navy sub that has surfaced for the first time since the aliens have appeared specifically to pick them on. Captain Joshua Adams, who in the original film was played by actor,  William Fichtner, is here to  protect the leader of this mission, Dr. Jessica Morgan, here to investigate the alien tech.

On their way to the crash site the aliens send out drones to attack the sub, thankfully even underwater they just as vulnerable as the ships above the sea and the sub gets past them safely.

The sub eventually gets close enough to the crashed ship to survey it and see that it’s damaged. They form a plan to walk out in and head to the ship through a hole that will take them in. They make it inside far enough to find atmosphere only to find themselves immediately attacked.

For a first issue it does a good job of taking us back into this world. It reintroduces you to the events of Independence Day and does the right thing by showing us a side story instead of rehashing the original tale in graphic novel form. The movie was one of the biggest in the 90s, we don’t need the whole story retold to us in comic book form. A side story further fleshing out the original contact though is the perfect side story.

I also enjoyed the feature in the back of the book that goes through the entire timeline of the Independence Day universe, not just for the books sake, but for the upcoming film as it again fills in the blanks of what happened after the first film ended and what is to come in Resurgence.

The Independence Day book is a decent read if you’re a fan of the movie and takes you further into the universe just in time for the sequel. If you’re ready for more Independence Day, this book is for you.

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