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If you take “Lost in Space” and mix it with “Sliders” you would get only half of the awesomeness that “Black Science” brings to the table. Normally I would just get the first issue of a comic for the review, but this one was soo good that I bought the first volume and then the rest of the series. Writer Rick Remender and artist Matteo Scalera create an amazing new world for readers to get “lost” in.

Grant Mckay is rebel scientist that is too smart for his own good. He has spent the last decade of his life working “the pillar”, a interdimensional traveling device. His hope is that this one invention will solve all of mankind’s problems. His reality has him and his team (the anarchist league of scientist) facing down electric frogmen, making deals with high tech native american shaman, and crashing at a alien hotel to name a few places. Someone has sabotaged the pillar, causing it to jump the group randomly from one dimension to the next while also randomizing the times for when the pillar will jump them to somewhere else in the “the onion” (term for the all of the dimension, “layered” upon one another). .

His team consist of Rebecca, co-creator of the pillar and Grant’s intellectual equal. Focused and driven, she is always able to stay on the task at hand. Next on the team is Shawn, 22 year old geniuse and designer the tracking system for the pillar. He admires Grant so much that he quits college to work for him. Shawn believes in the mission of the pillar, making all worlds a better place.

Then there is Ward, the head of security and a friend of Grant’s. He is a former military man from a long line of a military men.

Kadir, Grant’s current boss and former bitter rival and bit of an asshole. He was a scientist in the beginning but became more of an executive type. Kadir looks out only for himself and only himself and his career. Another girl Candra works for Kadir as his personal assistant. She seems to always have Kadir’s side, but also seems to be a bit manipulative.

Rounding out the team are Pia and Nate, Grant’s 18 year old daughter and 13 year old son. They had just come to visit their dad at the lab because he is never home. Pia’s relationship with her dad is strained with him never being there for her and her knowledge that he is having an affair with Rebecca. Nate idolizes his dad and thinks he can do no wrong. There is another member of the team but *Spoilers* she gets killed in the first 4 or 5 pages and doesn’t really impact the story much.

Remender really knows how to suck you into a story. Most of the first issue is done with Grant’s inner dialogue apologizing to his wife, Sara about getting himself and their kids in this mess of a situation. Now while that does not seem interesting, this is all going on while he is being chase by lizard back riding frog people. Not only that but he needs to get back to the pillar before it jumps again and time is running out. This makes for a fast paced opening that sets the tone for a fast paced series.

Overall, I love the series and can’t wait for another issue. It gets 5 stars. It gets a 10 out of 10. It’s a “HELL YEAH” on Stone Cold Steven Austin’s chart of like and dislikes that I just made up. The only thing else I can say is seriously, just read the damn book. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Sam is not a writer but a lover. A lover of spoilers. Comics, Movies, TV Shows he loves to tell it all. Spoiler warning always. Caution is a must. Follow him on twitter at @60secspoilers

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