Spider-Man #03 (2016)

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Spider-Man #03 (2016)

Face it Miles, your life just got rough.

Peter Parker had it easy. Peter was a pseudo genius and only had his aunt keeping tabs on him. Miles Morales, now firmly a part of the 616 Marvel universe has both his parents he has to hide his secret identity from and now his grandmother.

The family dynamic of the Morales family definitely adds another layer to this Spider-Man as a character. Grandma  shows up to straighten out Miles after his grades begin to drop from not properly balancing his Spider-Man, Avengers, and school lives.

This story has nearly no super villain drama except towards the end when we watch the Black Cat meet with Hammerhead to talk about this new Spider-Man who is starting to get in her way. It’s basically a scene to further cement Felicia Hardy as a bad ass even among Marvel’s more we’ll know mafioso bad guys but it works.

Felicia Hardy is more interesting now than she has been in years and the actions they have her taking every time we see her make it hard for me to see a way for the character to come back to the side of angels in the future. So basically, thanks a lot Doctor Octopus.

Miles does get two visitors, one in the form of Bombshell, who stops by in her civilian identity looking for some study assistance from Miles. Grandma quickly assumes from the look of her that either she is selling drugs or heaven forbide, Miles is her dealer. The next guest is Ms. Marvel, trying to get Miles to sneak out for patrol practice. She narrowly escapes under foot before agreeing Miles needs to study and stay off the drugs as she heads home.

Some of the most memorable moments in Peter Parker’s existence as Spider-Man have been with the most normal people he happens to share his life with. This was a good issue to introduce us to more of those people in Miles life and see how they make him the character he is.

Miles Morales is Spider-Man, even if he doesn’t wear the suit this issue.

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