Drax #005 (2016)

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Drax #005 (2016)

I honestly wasn’t sure I’d be interested in a full time series starring Drax the destroyer having adventures by himself in the Marvel Universe. I mean sure, I like the character but was he enough to carry his own show?

So far Drax has been fun.

Drax #005 (2016)

The combination of CM Punk and Cullen Bunn has been able to make the few times killed and resurrected muscle man of the Guardians of The Galaxy a compelling character even without his movie cohorts.

The fact that so far they’ve had a buddy comedy thing going with Drax teamed up with Terrax the Tamer has been equally fun. Pairing them against the monstrous Fin Fang Foom, who really needs to be used a lot more in Marvel cosmic events, is fun and refreshing, mostly cause who doesn’t love giant talking dragons.

Scott Hepburn is doing a fine job as artist. His aliens are just that alien and weird looking with a style that reminds you of Erik Larsen whether you love that or hate it. And they have a chunkiness, a bit of ugliness to every character that somehow makes Drax’s world seem a little more ugly and gritty and all the more suitable for Drax to live in without his friends.

If you like cosmic beatdowns with giant dragons, aliens, sentient robot killers and the Marvel cosmic universe Drax is a book for you. Like a pro wrestler, Drax is here to kick ass and prove he’s the best there is at kicking that ass. And so far his book does a good job too.

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