ACTION COMICS #041 (2015)

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ACTION COMICS #041 (2015)

Confession time. I probably own more Superman shirts than anyone you know. I set out years and years ago to own enough to wear them for a month without repeating. This was probably about ten years ago if not more. Quietly, last year, I hit that goal. I promised my fiancee I’d stop, but dammit, now I need another.

Superman is way more interesting now with this issue.

Superman has been depowered. No longer able to just leap tall buildings in a single bound or even fly at all the book opens on a Superman who has literally been walking for days through the Alaskan tundra from the fortress of solitude back to humanity. Cold, hungry, and beaten Superman nearly sobs when he finally hits a modern road.

This Superman is just trying to get warm, get some food and get back to civilization, all while dealing with the fact that people now know his face and now possibly know he is not as super as he once was. Superman buys a motorcycle thats for sale at a gas station while enjoying the best gas station burrito he has ever had, only to run into these same townies later at a motel when they realize they have sold Superman a bike to cheaply. They momentarily surprise the weakened Man of Steel but he is still more than Super enough to take care of them.

Action Comics #41 (2015)

This Superman is vastly different from what have been given over the decades. This Superman is still respected but now somehow more feared with his lack of power due to the fact people know he has walked and lived amongst them for so long. The closest equivalent I could find would be comparing this Superman to the Savage Dragon. Nigh invulnerable but not unstoppable but still hero through and through.

Superman eventually makes his way back to Metropolis where the police are no longer his allies but the residents of his former block and Jimmy have planned a block party preparing for his return. Superman meets what looks to be a new love interest in Lee Lambert, a lady fire fighter. Seriously, anyone in his life with a double L name he is either destined to date or fight forever. They share some small talk before an emergency fire nearly calls Lee away, but Clark swipes her radio and takes off towards it himself only to find the fire was started by some large shadow beast as a distraction to get him out of his neighborhood for the police to roll in.

The book ends there, but all I can say is if Superman has seemed to clean a character for you in the past, give it a second try. This new Superman feels like one of us and that does make him Super indeed.

  • Imprint: DC Comics
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $3.99
  • FOC Date:May 27, 2015

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