Secret Wars #002 (2015)


SECRET WARS (2015) #2

Aaaannnnndddd we are back with Secret Wars #2. A lot of story was built in a short amount of time so let’s just dive right in.

Scene opens with a blonde boy trying and succeeding in picking up a hammer. Next there is a red haired man in Thor’s normal outfit telling this young man that he is worthy and he is now a member of the Thor corps.We see a large group of different types of Thor’s, each with their own hammers and what looks like a ceremony to select members to join their group. The red hair man (which shall now be known as Rhor, for the sake of time) tells us that all hammer are named by their user and that they are all created by the All Father. Which happens to be Dr. Doom. Or God Emperor Doom. I think Frank Herbert is going to sue.

Rhor has the new Thor explain what he knows about the world. Through the conversation we learned that Doom created the world and that the Thors are his personal police force to keep the world in order. Doomgard is the name of their area where all the Thors’ live.


Next, we are brought to a desert area called Utopolis. A group of Moloids are showing Alex Powers, Bentley 23 and Dragon (from the Future Foundation) something they discovered. It turns out to be a ship that looks very much like the ark Reed Richards created. Alex tells them to dig up the rest of it.

We go back to Rhor and the new young Thor (which shall now be known as Kid Thor, for the sake of time) going on there first mission together. Rhor is explaining much of the land to Kid Thor because Kid Thor has never traveled out of High Avalon, except for the ceremony. Rhor and Kid Thor arrive at the castle of Mr. Sinister who is being charged with a crime. Mr. Sinister, who is a baron on this world, does not seem to be very worried and comes without much of a fuss. One magical teleporter scene later and we arrive at Castle Doom, which is guarded by Galactus.

Ok, so again, crossover events like these have a lot of stuff happening all the time, so here is a easy bullet point read of all the important shit that followed:

  • Doom is rocking a white style outfit now
  • The world tree Yggdrasil is his throne
  • He has taken Susie Storm as his wife and Queen
  • Dr Strange is the right hand of Doom, Sheriff, head of Doom’s religion and all around keeper of law and order
  • He kinda now looks like Littlefinger from Game of Thrones
  • Valerie is his daughter, left hand of Doom, head of his Foundation group which  is science based group (which makes her the boss of Alex’s group from earlier)
  • There are almost hundred different higher and lower houses that rule the world under Doom
  • The Barons and Baroness’ of these house seem to all be major players from past Marvel comics
  • Examples are: the Braddock Family, Sinister, the Hellfire club, Apocalypse, Maestro, etc
  • Sinister was brought up on charges by the Braddock family which he decided to settle via the arena
  • Kinda like “Trial by Combat” from Game of Thrones
  • Jamie is the Baron of the Braddock Family but Brian, his younger brother, elected to fight instead
  • Through some creative “head games”, Sinister wins the fight
  • By “head games” I mean he was talking smack while being freaking headless
  • Doom intervenes before Sinister can land a killing blow.
  • Doom want to know the whereabouts of a place called “ The Silent Chambers” from Brian
  • This is a place where heretics hide and plan to overthrow Doom
  • Witnesses all say it has something to do with the word “Braddock”
  • Brian does not know anything and Doom is not pleased
  • Jamie takes the blame to save his brother
  • Doom orders to kill the entire family but Susan asks him to show mercy
  • Doom chooses instead to exile Jamie to the “Shield,” make Brian the new Baron of High Avalon (their kingdom) and Baron Sinister publicly whipped
  • After the court session, Valerie shares Alex’s discovery of the ship with Sheriff Strange
  • He calls for an immediate quarantine of the ship after reading the report
  • Rhor and Kid Thor bring Jaime to the Shield
  • The Shield is a giant wall that keeps the bad parts of the world at bay
  • Kinda like the Wall from Game of Thrones
  • The area on the other side of the wall are called the deadlands
  • The Thors’ allow Jamie to arm himself with weapons and armor before he jumps off to the other side of the Shield
  • While jumping to the other side of the wall he says the best lines in the comic
  • “When they come to pull you down, don’t let them drag you, son. You jump and take as many of the bastards with you as you can”.
  • On the other side he encounters a giant horde of marvel zombies and fights to the (presumed) death
  • The Annihilation Wave and Ultron also are on the other side of the wall and they all try to get past the wall throughout history
  • The two Thors return to Sheriff Strange, who gives them the quarantine mission
  • While guarding the area Kid Thor asks Rhor why they would quarantine a location
  • Rhor tells him that something there might contradicted God Doom word and cause a loss of believers
  • Kid Thor asks more question but Rhor shuts him down with the company man talk of that nothing can threaten Doom’s reign and that Doom is justice.
  • One of the moloid opens the ship because of poor self control
  • Rhor sees what is inside and tells the others to run
  • He is then killed by unknown spears thrown from the ship
  • The inside of the ship revels not 616 Reed and his surviving team but the Cabal and Ultimate Reed Richard (which shall now be known as Bad Reed Richards or BRR, for the sake of it being funny to me)
  • BRR and Maximus have no idea where they landed are but they are alive thanks to Maximus’s stolen plans for the ark that 616 Reed built
  • This happen a couple issues back in New Avengers
  • Thanos grabs one of the moloids and asks where they are
  • He tells him that they are on Laterion, the believers call it God’s kingdom but all the common folk call it Battleworld.
  • Fun fact: While writing this I am watching Game of Thrones
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $4.99
  • FOC Date: Apr 29, 2015
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