Invincible #120 (2015)


INVINCIBLE #120 (2015)

When people say a character is a lot like a young Peter Parker / Spider-Man they are either right or wrong.

We get that means being a young character, with great power and great responsibility, thrust upon them. We get that means experiencing loss and heart ache all at the cost of doing the right thing and helping people even hen you don’t help yourself.

But man, Invincible makes it look easy. After leaving Earth due to his former team mate and now secret world ruler Rex taking things over, Invincible, Atom Eve, and their new daughter Terra continue to carve out a life for themselves on this new alien world.

Invincible 120

In the meantime, the former Grand Regent of the Viltrumite people, Thragg, has finished his battle to the death with Battle Beast, in the end proving himself the victor. After some time of recuperation we see that Thragg has not just been relaxing. He has been rebuilding the Viltrumite race bit by bit by impregnating the natives of Thraxa just like Invincible’s father did when he fell in love with Mark’s half brother Oliver’s mother. By the end of the book we see Thragg, surrounded by women, and nurseries of dozens of half Viltrumite children.

Not a lot happened in this book, but what did was excellent. Character development is always top notch, seeing Mark spend the afternoon with his daughter without Eve is a good look into the character and how he has changed, and seeing the hints that war is coming between this new Viltrumite race and the ones who betrayed Thragg back on Earth is exciting. Invincible once again proves why it’s one of Images top books.

  • Imprint: Image Comics
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $2.99
  • FOC Date:May 27, 2015


Invincible #120
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  • Invincible #120
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Review Summary:

Fun slow book that works on some backstory between Mark and his new daughter and shows that Thragg is still a very dangerous threat.

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