Secret Wars #001 (2015)



Well here we are. The first issue of Secret Wars. I have been waiting for this moment since New Avengers #1 and it did not disappoint. There was literally bodies flying everywhere with heros from two different universes fighting it out for survival. Unfortunately nobody came out a winner, but we knew that was coming so lets dive right in shall we?


(Spoiler Warning)


We start out with Dr. Doom, Doctor Strange and The Molecular Man, standing in the dark, then being exposed to a blinding light, following by standing on a floating platform. Unknown booming voices identifies themselves as Beyonders. The demand to know who stands before them. Doom declares that he does, in his usual badass fashion.

Cut to Ultimate Nick Fury and Hawkeye having a talk about why Nick is listening to Reed Richards. Nick points out that while Reed wiped out Europe on mostly a whim, he is right about the world ending. If they have to choose between his world and this other world (the 616 universe) there is no question. The 616 universe dies. Cut to Reed talking the the Cabal in secret about why he is lying to Nick about the world ending. Thanos points out that the there is no saying anything and that they are all fucked (obviously, in more Thanos-like words) Reed responds that he needs more time, which Thanos replies that people should know when their time is up.

Ok,  so for this next part the war starts and there is waaay to many thing to count so i’m just going to list the biggies in my opinion:

  • Ultimate Nick Fury sends a full Helicarrier Salvo and Iron-man at the 616 universe to raze it the ground. The 616 Marvel Heros fight back.
  • This is all happening in NY for some reason. Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s because every important superhero lives in one city.
  • A bunch of 616 heros die ( Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Black Bolt, Black Widow, Spider woman, etc)
  • 616 Reed has a group preparing an ark for a bunch of people to help restart the population somewhere after the universe ends.
  • He also strapped a willing Manifold into a machine to make him it a giant teleporter to god knows where. Where does one hide when the universe ends?
  • That last line should totally be a song.
  • 616 Scott Summer shows up with a bunch of sentinels and something called a phoenix egg. I dont know where he got either.
  • Ultimate Iron tries to chat up Captain Marvel during the fight. It does not go well.
  • 616 Spider-man, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and a bunch of other street level heroes try to save a bunch of people in the chaos of fighting.
  • Hulk, She Hulk and Colossus and other strong people try a tip over the Triskelion. They succeed.
  • Ultimate Reed release the Children of Tomorrow on the 616 universe and they wreck face.
  • Wilson Fisk throws a end of the world party for all the villains at a NY bar. Punisher crashes it with guns. Come on dude, take the day off and drink with your enemies. Would that not be a cool scene? Punisher and random villains drink beers and singing pub songs?
  • 616 Scott does something weird with the egg and makes himself glowy. This also makes 616 Peter Quill, Spiderman and Captain Marvel all glowy and disappear.
  • Annnd reappear on the 616 Reed’s ark which is high tailing it out the dimension…I think….again, I have no idea where Reed is going with this.
  • There is a hull breach on the ark and part of it breaks off. This also happens to be the part with Susan, Valerie, Franklin, Thing and Human Torch are on
  • Reed and Black Panther try to save them. They fail. The rest of the crew is safe, I guess.
  • Both universes are destroyed.

Well there you have it, Marvel fans. Both 616 and the Ultimate universes are destroyed and what shall rise from the ashes shall be called Battleworld. What is Battleworld? Who is on Battleworld? Find out the answers to this and more on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z….sorry, wrong job…on the next issue of Secret Wars!


  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $4.99
  • UPC: 75960608230800111
  • FOC Date: Apr 22, 2015


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