Red Hood and The Outlaws #039 (2015)

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Red Hood and The Outlaws #039 (2015)

RedHood&TheOutlaws_039Red Hood and the Outlaws #39

Art by: RB Silva
Cover by: RB Silva
Written by: Scott Lobdell

The issue starts with Red Hood dumping all the venom he had into the ocean, stating that he didn’t need any venom. Red Hood and Arsenal are making their way to where Starfire is. Starfire is in the Brazilian Rain Forest, and it looks like Blackfire is about to kill her, but it turns out that she was there to help Starfire detox. Blackfire hides them from an alien patrol, and then tells Starfire that she is going to get them some place safe. Crux gets Red Hood and Arsenal to the rain forest, but they still need to find Starfire. Before they can turn on the searching tools, a missile explodes the ship and Crux has to save the two human passengers.

The person that blew up the ship is Rose Wilson, and she then tries to figure out where the Red Hood is. (Apparently they have a bit of a romantic history) Red Hood gets the drop on her, but she is still able to take the fight to him. After a little fighting, she puts a knife to his throat to get him to submit. Starfire and Blackfire are in a ship where Starfire is finally starting to feel better after getting off the drugs. Star and Black talk about how they left things off, and they have a great sister bonding moment. Also during the conversation it turns out that Starfire was using the drugs to get into the drug trade to find the leaders so she could stop them and possibly the slave trade as well.

Elsewhere, Rose goes along with Crux, Red Hood, and Arsenal to find Starfire. Rose is supposed to kill Starfire for a contract, but she is willing to put that aside until they find her. As they walk through the forest, Starfire finds them, and she attacks Rose. The fight last 3 seconds, and Starfire goes to kiss Arsenal right away. Red Hood picks up Rose, and then Starfire tells them that Rose is working for a galactic drug dealer, which Rose didn’t know. Crux shows everyone an invading army of aliens, but before they can attack, a Fiery Blue alien shows up behind them. End of issue. Red Hood is coming to an end, which means they need to wrap up some great stories. Rose joining the group could be fun, but it could be rushed too. I hope they do some kind of Red Hood book after the new continuum comes around. This issue was fun, and it brought the team back together with two new additions. Red Hood vs. the alien army; let the game begin.

I give this issue a 3 out of 5.

  • Imprint: DC Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $2.99
  • FOC Date: Feb 18 2015
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