Legendary Star-Lord #009

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Legendary_StarLord_009Legendary Star-Lord #009

Black Vortex is probably going to play into Battleworld at some point, but for now it just an interesting story with the Guardians and the X-Men. Apparently last issue everyone was shown what they could be, and now powered up Beast and Gamora is trying to get everyone to submit to the vortex. Everyone seems against it, until Angel submits and becomes a powered up, and a little crazy Angel. Angel tries to tell everyone about how great it is to submit, even trying to get X-23 to submit for him. Kitty attempts to stop Beast from pushing this any further, but Iceman wants to submit. Drax steps in front of him, and stops him from taking the power. Storm tries to escape with the vortex, but is also stopped by Gamora and Angel.

On the flying fortress, Thane keeps pestering Mr. Knife about getting the vortex back. The brood also wants the vortex, but Mr. Knife just tells them to be patient. Mr. Knife sends one of the Slaughter Squad to go destroy the orphanage. Another of the Slaughter Squad tells Mr. Knife that the vortex is on the moon, so they turn the fortress around to go find the vortex. On the moon, Gamora catches up to Storm, and they begin to fight over the vortex. They have a pretty cool sword fight, but Gamora is distracted by what looks like Thanos trying to get the vortex.

It’s not Thanos, it’s a projection that Jean Grey created. Gamora figures it out, and attempts to cut Jean in half. Kitty makes the save by making Gamora intangible, then leaves Gamora’s sword in the rocks. Drax pushed Gamora back, but before she attacks again, Beast and Angel were able get the vortex. Before the group can attack their powered up friends, Beast, Angel, and Gamora fly off with the vortex. No one is able to catch up to them, so Kitty gets pissed that Star-Lord wouldn’t let them just destroy the vortex when they could. Before the argument could continue, Mr. Knife shows up and fires a giant weapon at all the heroes there. End of issue. The vortex is making everyone powerful, but nuts, so we have a bunch of bad heroes again. This fight is just getting started, and I can’t wait to see how Storm and Star-Lord figure out a way to stop the powered people.

  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: Rated T
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $3.99
  • UPC: 75960608103500911
  • FOC Date: Feb 04, 2015
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