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After two good weeks of comics, I continue to hope that both DC and Marvel have gotten back into the swing of things. DC went off the rails for a little while, and Marvel almost became complacent, but that has definitely changed. Both are push the envelope, and both seems to be swinging for the fences. Only time will tell if their hits are home runs, or long fly balls. Now on to the reviews.

amazingxmen_016Amazing X-Men #16

This comic has been bringing people back left and right. First they bring back Firestar, and then Nightcrawler comes back to life, now they are going to bring back the Juggernaut. This issue starts with the Cyttorak Crystal calling out to someone to claim it. Cain Marko heard the call, and his peaceful life was probably coming to an end. In the temple, the guardian is fighting the X-Men to keep them away from the crystal. As the fight continues, others come for the crystal. Crossbones in one of them, so Rockslide has to handle the guardian while the others fight the people coming. At the school, Pixie refuses to take Colossus to the battle, until he tells her that he doesn’t feel strong enough and just wants to help the X-Men. She finally agrees.

Back at the temple, Nightcrawler finds Man-killer, who is after the crystal. Elsewhere, Jinn shows up to ask Rachel where the crystal is. Even elsewhere, Storm sees that Firestar is being held by Crossbones, but she leaves telling Firestar to deal with it. Firestar melts all the guns, and then knocks Crossbones out. Rockslide is fighting the guardian, who ends up offering the crystal to Rockslide, but Rockslide just jokes around with the guardian.

A masked person leads an army in to the temple to get the stone, but they are stopped by a bunch of mini guardians. Storm uses her powers to try and take out as many guardians as possible. Further in the temple, Jinn and Man-killer come face to face, as the X-Men try to calm the situation. Rachel tries to talk rationally to them, but it doesn’t work. Just as everyone is about to fight, Rachel picks up that Cain Marko has shown up to take the crystal. End of issue. I bet someone who isn’t one of the people in the temple right now will end up getting the crystal. My hope is that it turns out to be one of the mutants who lost their power, and now got it back, but who knows at this point. It would be stupid to put it back on Cain Marko. This issue was pretty fun, and all the random cameos made it more enjoyable.

I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

uncannyxmen_030Uncanny X-Men #30

Everyone is still on edge to hear the end of Charles Xavier’s will. Scott stormed out like 5 issues ago to go find the new mutant, and last issue Scott and Magik died because SHIELD fired a bunch of missiles at the new mutant, and wiped out everything. This issue begins with SHIELD looking over the remains, then Maria Hill saying she either started a war, or prevented one by killing Scott Summers. In the past Eva starts her conversation with Charles Xavier, and he is none too happy with her coming back in time. He refuses to read her mind because there are things that he shouldn’t know. Eva persists, but isn’t getting very far.

At the Jean Gray School, most of the other mutants are discussing what’s going on. Hank tries to explain something, but is interrupted when his watch tells him that Scott Summers has died. (Great watch) Back in the past, Charles won’t read Eva’s mind, but comes to the conclusion that he is dead in the future. On the battle field, the new mutant Matt comes back to life, then goes on to kill and destroy as much as possible. Matt can’t bring Scott back to life no matter how hard he tries.

In the past Charles threatens to wipe Eva’s mind and forcefully send her back to her own time. Eva tells him he is acting life Magneto, which gets Charles thinking. Back at the school, Emma Frost mourns Scott dying, then new mutant Matt shows up. Emma tries to fight him, but Matt kills Emma too. This sets off the Stepford Sisters, who are in the underground base. All the young mutants want to do something to stop Matt, but they don’t know what to do. Just then, Eva returns with Charles Xavier, who has a plan and needs the young X-Men to help him. End of issue. This is turning into the Ultimate Universe with all the mutants dying. I’m sure the time traveling will change all that, but wow, many people down, and we still don’t know what Charles’ will says. This was an interesting issue because it almost changed the playing field. Now Matt is the bad guy, and everyone wants to stop him.

I give this issue a 4 out of 5.

batman_038Batman #38

Batman and Joker are once again at each other’s throats, but with Joker having a new face, and Batman trying to stop the city from tearing itself apart. This issue starts with Batman making it to Jim Gordan’s apartment to find him with an axe in his stomach. Jim gets up and swings the axe as the Joker virus takes hold. Julia shows up to tranq Gordon just in time. Batman tells Julia to head to the cave with Duke, and to find out more about the virus. Batman escapes the apartment and calls Dick Grayson. Dick tries to help by analyzing the blood sample, but finds some restorative properties. Joker shouldn’t be alive because Jim shot him, but Joker seems fine.

Batman continues to make his way through the city while talking to Dick, and they figure out that Jokers blood is inverse to the virus; meaning the virus and whatever is making Joker regenerate were made by the same person. Batman figures out who it is, and then figures out that Joker released the doctor from Arkham almost a year ago. Dick wants to help Batman, but Batman doesn’t have a plan so he won’t put anyone else in danger.

Batman finds the doctor, and he talks madness about beings that live almost forever. He talks about Savage and Ra’s, but then talks about one more, his other person that has been around for as long as Gotham has been around. The doctor thought that person was Batman, but now he believes it to be the Joker. That is how Joker has never died, and that is how he is still alive after being shot by Jim. Batman doesn’t want to believe it, but decides on a rash course of action to try and stop it. Batman goes to the court of owls to talk to them about history. End of issue. Wow, this issue was very description heavy. They needed to tell a story, and only a ton of words could tell that story. My eyes almost hurt from having to read so much. Maybe a little less exposition, and a little more Batman and Joker time. With that said, it wasn’t a bad issue, just a heavy issue.

I’ll give it a 3 out of 5.

new52futuresend_039The New 52 Futures End #39

Futures End won’t end, and I have a feeling it’s going to continue till issue 52. This issue starts with Firestorm bringing Dr. Polaris to the watchtower to try to get him to help figure out how to separate Firestorm. Superman/Shazam doesn’t like it, but Firestorm talks him into it. After some talking back and forth, Polaris frees himself, and gets to work because if he succeeds then Firestorm will give him the teleportation technology he wants. Else, Faraday talks to his team about Fifty Sue taking the DNA vault, and nobody there being able to do anything about it. Faraday tells his team that the only thing between them and a horrible death is Grifter.

Elsewhere, Fifty Sue teleported her group to a chucky cheese. They have pizza and talk about their next move, until Justin pulls out the Gin, but Sue won’t let anyone else drink it. In Smallville, Constantine is still trying to convince Clark that they need to do something about Brainiac. Clark doesn’t believe it, until little monkey Brainiacs attack from a field. Midge gets killed, and Clark seems to come around on the idea of Brainiac.

At Dr. Frankenstein’s lab, the doctor tells Frank that he can help him, but only if he comes back to the doctor. Frank gets into a long speech, and then tells Amethyst that he doesn’t want to be a monster anymore. Amethyst proceeds to kill everything there, including the doctor. Frank thanks her, then ask her to get him some paper and a pen, he has a story to tell. Finally, the issue ends with watchtower confirming that something is coming to attack Earth. The pages lead you to believe that it is Brainiac. End of issue. The story here continues to progress, and now DC has finally kept it to telling only a couple stories at a time, rather then all the stories. Tis issue wasn’t the best one, but it wasn’t terrible either.

I give it a 2 out of 5.

That’s it for me this week. Stay tuned next week when I finish Spider-Verse, and DC tries to make sure I don’t stop reading. Until then, have a great week.

Kyle Post, has an affinity for comics. One might say he even loves them. Kyle joins The Review Zoo from a mutual connection via NEW-GEN, a comic book series, he and one of the Andrew's, worked on. Kyle loves sports, pro wrestling, video games and comic books. Basically meaning it means he fits right in here.

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