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Welcome to 2015 everyone. I’m looking forward to more great comic stories, and maybe some new characters that Dan Slott or other great writers come up with. A new year brings a new outlook on the comic world, with hopefully some companies…cough DC cough… get their act together a bringing us back some great comic adventures. Now, on to the reviews.

greenlantern038Green Lantern #38

With the entire New Gods story now out of the picture, Green Lantern needs to find a new direction to go in. The Red Lanterns are under Guy Gardner and have the protection of Earth under their belt, while Hal is in charge of the entire Green Lantern Corp. The issue starts with the new guardians bring Hal before them to talk about how he has done well, and also messed up in his new position. The guardians don’t know what to do, so they decide to send Hal back to Earth until they’ve decided. When Hal gets there, he goes right to his old bases bar, and decides he wants to get drunk by himself. Guy shows up to drink with him, thus ruining Hal’s idea. Guy tells Hal all his problems and beat him at pool.

Barry Allen then shows up to see Hal, but he ends up doing the same thing Guy does, and dumps all his problems on Hal. Everyone talks for a while and gets a little drunk, which leads to Barry spilling beer all over some Air Force guys. Guy starts the brawl with a pool stick to one of their heads, but the numbers are too much, and Hal, Guy, and Barry are tossed out the bar. Hal gets pissed at Barry and Guy because he just wanted some time to think, and didn’t want to deal with all of their problems. Before the gentlemen begin fighting themselves, Carol shows up.

Carol’s entrance is Guy and Barry’s sign to exit. They leave to go find another bar to drink out. (May to make Barry look like a party animal DC) Carl and Hal talk about their love, and about how Hal is not really ok with Carol and Kyle being together. Carol is relieved to hear that, but tells Hal that he needs to find himself before he can be with someone else. Hal understands; he wants to be with Carol but is willing to wait to see them together. Carol leaves Hal by himself as the issue ends. Wow, did I just read a Nicholas Sparks novel. Way to get the year of to a good start DC. In one issue DC turned Green Lantern into a whiney, love struck, wussie, who is a bit of a dick to his friends. Where is the Hal Jordan that I wanted to follow into battle over the last 5 issues? DC must really hate Green Lantern.

I give this issue a 1 out of 5.

new52futuresend036The New 52 Futures End #36

Futures End has gotten better. Not great, but at least I’m not dreading reading it anymore. The story is starting to make some sense, and some of the characters have been entertaining. This issue starts with Amethyst bringing Frankenstein to the house of mystery in an effort to try and save him from whatever the Nth metal is doing to him. Whatever is happening is beyond both science and magic, so they can’t help Frank. Constantine shows up almost to gloat about Frank, which leads to Amethyst killing him. Elsewhere, Fifty Sue is looking for something on the ocean floor, and she seems to have found it. In yet another location, Faraday is talking with Lana, Grifter, and his crew about Fifty Sue when she pops up out of nowhere. She tells Faraday she found what he is looking for. Faraday question Sue over and over about it, until Sue gets mad and teleports the DNA vault to their location. (Right from the sea floor might I add)

In some hotel Constantine wakes up, and tells Midge he just died while he was sleeping, but it tends to happen a lot. The two go out to find where Superman is, since Superman took them to Smallville. They find him, and Constantine tells Superman that Smallville is evil, and they need to do something about it. In New York, Terry and Plastique get away from the future Batman/Joker hybrid. They need help so they go looking for Tim Drake. They decide to wait across from his bar, since Terry can’t use ALFRED anymore. To pass the time while they wait, Plastique kisses Terry, which leads to her wanting to do it with Terry. I guess they do, and in the distance the current time Batman is watching. (Batman is a perv now)

On the Watchtower, Shazam and Stormguard talk about how both are now symbols the world needs. We get a little back-story on Stormguard, which is cool, and we get where a big portion of his costume comes from. (Battle at the White House if you were wondering) As the two are about to go on patrol, the teleporter fires up, and female Firestorm is there. She asks both men for help. End of issue. Like I said, the series is getting better. Not great but better. The stuff with Sue and Faraday are good, and Terry in the past is fun, but the rest can get a little confusing. Constantine’s story in particular. I hope the issue continues to explain things as it goes to make the story a little more interesting.

I give this issue a 2.5 out of 5.

legendarystarlord007Legendary Star-Lord #7

This book looks to be one of the most entertaining going into the New Year. The book takes some risks, but also has a nice mix of action, character development, and comedy. This issue is no different. Kitty is on her way to try and rescue Peter, but she crashes into an asteroid. Peter’s A.I. ship picks her up so they can go save him. Kitty is able to find Mister Knife’s “Fly Fortress” but it is so well guarded that she needs to figure out a plan to get inside. She has an idea, but want’s to run it by the A.I. first. (Like the A.I. said, can’t she just walk through the walls)

Inside, Peter and his father (Mister Knife) talk about what’s going on. Peter’s father blames him for everything that happened to his empire, while Peter calls him a psycho. Mister Knife decides to end to conversation by telling Peter he is going to brainwash him into a good son. The brainwash device is put on, but Kitty comes flying through the ship after she was launched from the A.I. ship. Kitty makes the save, and then fazes Peter right out of the fortress, into space where the A.I. ship picks them up.

On the ship, Peter thanks Kitty up and down, and can’t believe she came to save him. Peter finally kisses Kitty, and the two are happier then I think they could ever be. Plus, A.I. even thinks it’s cute. In space, one of Mister Knife’s slaughter squad follows the ship as it makes it’s way to Spartax. For some reason Mister Knife doesn’t follow, instead he goes to another planet with Czar. They are looking for someone, who is the last piece of Knife’s plan. Turns out the person is Thane. (You know, the secret son of Thanos) End of issue. Although this is still a fun series, this book was a little stale. Good, but a little slow.

I give it a 3 out of 5.

amazingspiderman_012The Amazing Spider-Man #12

Spider-Verse is starting to crank down a bit because it is flying towards its grand finale. This issue starts with the Inheritors wrecking and killing all over the safe zone. Morlun escapes with baby Benjy, who happens to be some important spider totem. Peter Parker comes back with reinforcements, including Spider-Man with Giant Robot. Solus is able to take it to the robot, so Peter tells everyone to flee to another world.

Elsewhere, Silk found a radiation planet where the Inheritors can’t follow. She goes on to search the area for anything useful. At the Inheritors’ home world, the undercover Spider-Woman radios Peter to tell him some stuff, but gets cut off by the Master Weaver. In yet another world, Miles is seen recruiting many different Spider-Men, including cowboy Spider-Man…on a horse. Peter radios Miguel to find out something, but Miguel doesn’t have anything new yet, but hope to find something out by dissecting one of Morlun’s bodies.

In Jurassic world, Peter’s team is attacked by different world Spider-Villains. Many spiders die, and Peter is forced to make a decision. On Earth 1, the Master Weaver tells Spider-Woman she is here to help him, and then gives her the prophecies to get them to Peter. Morlun returns to see Spider-Woman, so she teleports the prophecies to Peter before she is discovered.

Peter tells his team to fall back to the radiation world where Silk is. Most of the Spider-Men don’t like the move, but Silk left them signs of where to go once they got to the world. Peter gets to Silk in a fallout shelter, and she tells him that he needs to see something. Silk introduces Peter to a man that looks like…and could be…  Uncle Ben. End of issue. This one was pretty fast paced. World jumping all over the place, and the Spider-Women being the driving force to take down the Inheritors. Plus we got to see Uncle Ben again (tears) and a giant spider robot. This issue delivered, and I’m hoping the final couple issues keep this story strong.

This issue gets a 4 out of 5.

That’s it for this week. I see some promise in 2015. It’s off to a decent start, but DC needs to step it up, and Marvel can’t rest of its heels. All in all, 2015 looks to be a great year for comics. Until next week.

Kyle Post, has an affinity for comics. One might say he even loves them. Kyle joins The Review Zoo from a mutual connection via NEW-GEN, a comic book series, he and one of the Andrew's, worked on. Kyle loves sports, pro wrestling, video games and comic books. Basically meaning it means he fits right in here.

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