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So this week the comics were a little weak. Although, the ones I reviewed were the most interesting, I wasn’t completely impressed by anything DC or Marvel did this week. With that said, there are my reviews.

Hulk_009Hulk #9

Dr. Green has been a bit of a weird story for the Marvel Universe. He goes from cool fights while changing gamma people back to normal, to long-winded science talk that take up almost the entire book. This issue seems like the latter. It starts with smart Hulk going to Cyclops’ secret base. Instead of knocking, he breaks down the door to get help from Kitty Pryde. He needs Kitty to take a tumor out of his brain that might be causing Bruce Banner to come back when Dr. Green is asleep. Kitty is freaked out about trying, but Hulk tells her it’s all right. Kitty is able to get the tumor out, but once she does, Hulk almost dies and starts bleeding from many holes in his face.

Kitty thinks the Hulk is dead and almost freaks out. Hulk gets up, and then thanks Kitty, and teleports himself back to his lab. Back at the lab, Hulk tells his team not to disturb him, and goes to his bedroom. Hulk goes right to bed, and as soon as he falls asleep, Bruce Banner comes out. Bruce looks around and realizes that the new Hulk needs to be stopped, but can’t get out of the bedroom because of an annoying A.I.

The A.I. tells Bruce Banner to release the Hulk, or the A.I. will destroy Betty Ross with an explosion at her house. Bruce relents, and lets the Hulk back out. Hulk is still sleeping, but we see into his dreams. In the dream Hulk kills all the Avengers, and he looks like the bearded older Hulk. When Hulk wakes up, he decides to grow a beard. End of issue. All right, the Hulk dream sequence was cool, but the rest of the issue dragged on. I hope they stick to Hulk battles, and not science.

This issue gets a 2 out of 5.

LegendaryStarLord_006Legendary Star Lord #6

Probably Marvel’s best book of the week, Star Lord continues to be an enjoyable ride. This issue starts with Peter trying to get a holo date right with Kitty Pryde. Peter is nervous, and Kitty looks pissed, so the Star Lord tries to pull out all the stops. He first tries to take Kitty to an opera, but in the middle he is attacked by one of the Slaughter Squad. Peter gets away without Kitty knowing that something is up. Next, Peter takes Kitty ice-skating, which is kinda weird because Kitty isn’t even having fun. Peter is again attacked, but again is able to figure it out without Kitty catching on. 

Peter tries a restaurant next, but because Kitty is a hologram, she can’t eat so the date is useless. That doesn’t stop another Slaughter Squad member from attacking, so Peter says he lost the connection with Kitty in order to fight the guy away from her view. Kitty gets back on the holo phone just in time for Peter to take her to a beautiful garden. Kitty is fed up though and wants to break up with Peter, until Peter starts being honest about how he feels about Kitty.

The two are about to have a weird hologram kiss until the entire Slaughter Squad shows up to kidnap Peter. Kitty says she going to help, and leaves the base to figure something out. In another part of space, Peter’s hood is removed, and he sees Mr. Knife face to face. After some talking we find out that Mr. Knife is Peter’s father, who is going to make Peter pay for everything he’s done. On Earth Kitty steals a ship from Tony Stark, and rushes to space to save Peter. End of issue. This one wasn’t the best issue, but it hit somewhere close to me because trying to get dates right is a nerve racking thing. I felt for Peter in this one. They could have had less date time and more fighting, but it wasn’t too bad.

I’ll give it a 3.5 out of 5.

Grayson_005Grayson #5

Dick is still doing the secret agent thing, and getting dangerous body parts back from different people. This issue starts with the helicopter crash that was alluded to in the last issue. Midnighter is trying to help deliver a baby in mid air, but the EMP shut down the chopper, so the group is crashing. After the crash, the group is able to save the baby, but the mother dies. The crash happened in the middle of the desert, so Midnighter, Helena, and Dick start walking toward the nearest city. After 2 days of walking, Midnighter is already talking about using the baby’s energy heart to save them. Dick won’t allow it so they continue on.

A few days later, Helena falls to some wounds, so Dick takes his shirt of and puts it over her to keep the sun out, while he and Midnighter keep walking. Midnighter again wants to use the baby, but Dick beats him up and tells him to continue walking.After 8 days, Midighter finally drops, while Dick continues, vowing to keep the promise to the mother. On day 10 Dick falls, but soon after, a car comes by and gets Dick and the baby to help.

Dick and Helena make it back to Spyral to heal up, while Spyral give Midnighter back to Stormwatch. The head of Spyral is disappointed because they weren;t able to get the babies heart. Turns out Dick gave the baby to the people in the car that saved them, and told the head of Spyral that they couldn’t locate the baby. The issue ends with a scene of the baby being strong enough to crush a phone. End of issue. This one wasn;t terrible, but the story kinda kept going at point when they could have shortened it. I like the book showing Dick resolve, but does it need to be shown for almost the entire book.

I give this issue a 3 out of 5.

New52FuturesEnd_031The New 52 Futures End #31

Because of lack of good book, I felt I had to review this on. Talk about a story that didn’t need to be told over an entire issue. Here are the cliff notes. The issue starts with a new conference of Lois Lane vowing to get the story out about Cadmus Island. The remaining Earth 2 heroes are with her, and nothing seems to happen past that.

On Arrow Island, Green Arrow welcomes the Baker family over for a vacation. Buddy and Oliver talk about the future, and then toast to their retirement.

In Siberia, Constantine and Superman fight what I believe is a Brainiac ear to a no decision, because I have no idea what happened to the bear.

On Cadmus Island, Faraday shows up looking for something. He goes to the below tunnels, and finds the DNA vault either destroyed or gone, I couldn’t tell.

Finally, the new Firestorm is shown unable to separate, so Madison takes their body to Ronnie funeral. Tim is there, but Madison doesn’t want to talk to her, so Firestorm leaves. End of issue. Well this seems like I just wasted 10 minutes of my life. This issue did progress the story enough to have it be 26 pages. They could have gotten the same point across in 10 pages, and maybe gotten to something more important.

With that said I’ll give it a 2 out of 5.

That’s it for me this week. I’m saving up to be able to read all the great books that should be coming out next week. I hope they’re good, cause I don’t know if I can take another week like this. Until next week dream readers.

Kyle Post, has an affinity for comics. One might say he even loves them. Kyle joins The Review Zoo from a mutual connection via NEW-GEN, a comic book series, he and one of the Andrew's, worked on. Kyle loves sports, pro wrestling, video games and comic books. Basically meaning it means he fits right in here.

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