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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, food, and… comics. If the last thing was left out then you really don’t know how to enjoy Thanksgiving. I mean how could you not invite Iron Man and Batman to your Thanksgiving table? I think they’ve earned their spot over the years. Clear a spot, and get them plenty of gravy. Now on to the reviews.

New52FuturesEnd_030The New 52 Futures End #30

I’ve held off on Futures End lately because I wanted it to becoming something better. I think the writers are getting there with this issue. This issue starts with Lois Lane finding her way into the middle of Cadmus Island, where she finds her other world self… which is actually Red Tornado. Just off the island, Green Arrow leads his troops into battle. They make land fall, but just as Green Arrow is about to detonate his EMP arrow, it is caught, so they have to fight. Tons of OMAC’s come to the battle, but Green Arrow, Red Arrow, and Barda go to find Brother Eye’s control room.

Back at the battle, the rest of the Outsiders keep fighting until the OMAC’s combine into one large OMAC, and the fight shifts into its favor. (Plus most of the Earth 2 heroes are also fighting the Outsiders) Slade almost shots Green Arrow, but Grifter stops him. Grifter and Lana come out to talk to Green Arrow, but Red Arrow knocks Lana out, out of fear. Fury and Mr. Miracle come out to help too by ripping Deathstrokes head off, so Green Arrow sends Red Arrow back to the boat with Lana and Grifter to make sure they are ok. Green Arrow, Barda, Fury, and Mr. Miracle make their way to the control room.

In the control room, Brother Eye is controlling Power Girl, and she almost kills Fury. Barda takes up the fight, while Green Arrow sets the island to self-destruct. Barda tells them to leave as she pulls Power Girls scalp off to reveal a robot underneath. The team leaves while Barda tries to finish the fight. Everyone makes it to the boats, and even Lois finds them to escape. The island explodes with Barda on it, and everyone thinks they have won against Brother Eye. Turn out he is still on someone’s phone, in the Red Tornado robot. End of issue. This one was a pretty good issue. It was a linear story that made sense, and made me understand what was going on. I enjoyed it, and I hope Futures End continues like this, or I’m back to having doubts.

This issue gets a 3.5 out of 5.

Superman_036Superman #36

Ulysses is seen on every electronic device on the planet. He is making a plea to the people of the world. He doesn’t believe the world can be saved, and that he can’t sit ideally by while he watches the world die. To that end he has created a ship that can take 6 million people to the fourth dimension for a better life. Only the first 6 million can go, and they have 24 hours to board. Superman goes to confront him after the broadcast, but Ulysses won’t hear it. He is making the offer to the people of the world, and that is it.

Lois makes her way towards the ship to find out what is going on. Jimmy asks if people will really get on, and Lois says if Superman made the offer then lots of people would. Superman finds Ulysses’ parents, but they are packing to board the ship with their son.

Lois finds the place where people are lined up to get on the ship, but there is violence, and people are fighting about who gets on. Two aliens come out to tell the people that are fighting that they are not allowed on. There are tons of people lined up, and even the guards that were guarding the alien prisoner leave. Ulysses tells him something, and then leaves.

Ulysses goes back to his parents, and tells them that they can’t go with him, because he needs to protect them. Superman comes out from the shadows to ask him what is going on, but Ulysses just cries and says it wasn’t supposed to be this way. Superman and Ulysses fights until Ulysses knocks him out and talks about in order for a better world, the Earth needs to make sacrifices. End of issue. Wow, the wannabe Sentry just went evil. (Like the real Sentry) Didn’t see that coming…except I totally did. Superman also looked like a total bitch in this issue, which doesn’t make much sense, but hey no one at DC likes Superman anyway.

This issue gets a 2 out of 5.

DeathofWolverineLogansLegacy_005Death of Wolverine: Logan’s Legacy #5

This one centers on Daken. So far I have not happy with the Legacy books, but this one looked interesting. Daken is changed since he came back to life, and that doesn’t bode well for people messing with Wolverine. The issue starts with a bunch of flashbacks of Daken having a Japanese man doing the honor bound Japanese burial traditions. Prior to this, some people got their hands on two of Wolverine’s claws and a vial of blood. (Pieces everywhere) Everyone from AIM to Hydra was there trying to get the items. Security was tight, but Daken was taking care of them quickly, and quietly. Not like him at all. (All this is being told from a Hydra informant)

As the informant describes the auction, he also talks about how security thought they killed the intruder, but Daken then bursts through the wall and kills the main security guy. Before everyone can attack, Daken asks to be heard. He tells everyone there that if he hears about anybody trying to buy, sell, or trade parts of his father, then he will kill all of them. To finish his speech, Daken says he will leave three people alive to tell the tail.

Daken takes care of the rest of the people vary easily, leaving only Viper, a woman, and the informant. The woman is actually Mystique, but Daken doesn’t care and tells her and Viper to leave. Daken then gets right up into the face of the informant and kisses him. (Didn’t see that coming) As the informant tries to tell the story to his superiors, he stops, which leads a psychic to drain his thoughts and life. The issue ends with Daken burying the pieces of his father, before thinking to himself….what’s next. End of issue. Will Daken reform and become the new Wolverine? I don’t think so, but a team-up series of him and X-23 would be pretty awesome. Let’s hope the comic gods hear my thoughts.

This was a pretty cool issue, so I’ll give it a 3.5 out of 5.

SuperiorIronMan_002Superior Iron Man #2

This issue picks back up where the last left off. Iron Man tossed Daredevil into the ocean in a really easy way. Daredevil barely makes it back to the surface before he’s out of air. Iron Man then tells his guests he understands the problem with the people of the city, and to try to fix it he will give away free Extermis to everyone within a 50-foot radius of him for one day. On the street the next day, Tony is confronted by the father of the boy that held up the woman in the previous issue. The father tries to shoot Tony in the face, but Tony is wearing his suit, so it doesn’t work. Tony flies the guy up, and then tells him he will make everything go away fro his son if he shows the people that Tony’s product is the best. The father does.

Back at Tony’s house, Daredevil kidnaps a drunk Tony, then takes him to a deprivation room, and hits an EMP so Tony can’t use Extremis. Tony is helpless for a little, but then asks Daredevil why he would be captured so easily. Matt doesn’t understand until Tony’s suit busts its way through the door. Tony wanted to be captured so he could give Matt something. That something is a laser to the face. Matt blacks out.

Matt wakes up to Tony watching him sleep. When Tony said he had something for Matt, it was something big. Matt wakes up to being able to see for the first time in a long while. Daredevil has his sight back. End of issue. Cool, Tony is like a god that can do almost anything. He’s has this kind of technology now after he let go of his other side. Sure Tony is a bit more evil now, but think of the good for humanity. Dude can really change the world now.

I really liked this issue, so I’ll give it a 4 out of 5.

That’s it for me this week. I need to get back to the turkey leftovers and the football. Plus I’m going to watch as many phase two Marvel movies as I can fit in over the next few days. Until next week. 

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