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Finally, Future’s End has stopped taking over the entire DC Universe. I don’t have to read weird stories about what might happen in the future, instead, I get to read weird stories of the now. The good news is that there are a ton of great books this week, so I shouldn’t have too much trouble putting Future’s End behind me. Now onto the reviews.

TheWalkingDead_132The Walking Dead #132

The issue starts where the last one left off. Andrea is being strong-armed by the new comers to Rick’s village. Andrea agrees to answer all the groups questions if they just calm down. After they release her, Andrea says that is she is hurt in any way; all of them will be killed. (I bet she wishes Rick was there) Back on the Hilltop, Rick and Maggie watch the sunrise as the kids walk up. Carl and Rick have a touching moment before the scene shows everyone just enjoy the boring morning together.

At the barn with Dante’s team, walkers surround the group. Dante knows they need to get out of the barn, so they fight their way out with long swords. Guys seem to have trained with the sword a ton, and they are really good with them. The group makes it out of the barn just to find even more walkers. The walkers surround them again, so the team gets into a formation and starts to take all of the walkers down. (The five-step formation worked better then I would have thought) As they are cutting through the walkers, one of the walkers attacks with a knife. The team keeps fight, not thinking about it.

When it gets down to just a few walkers, Dante sees the one with the knife. The walker starts whispering, which freaks the other two guys out. This distraction allows the knife-wielding walker to kill both, leaving just Dante and the walker. Dante cuts the walkers head off, but then sees string on the back of the walker. A turn out the walker was a normal person in a walker mask. Dante is then surrounded by a bunch of people in walker masks, with guns. End of issue. So it turns out the walkers aren’t talking, just some survivors are get by in walker masks, fooling the real walkers. I guess we found out new enemy. The action should finally pick up here.

This issue wasn’t bad so I’m giving it a 3 out of 5.

Justice_League_034Justice League #34

Justice League is back, and it starts with on of the potential new members. Captain Cold has a dream that he is still fight the Flash. Lex’s people interrupt the dream, so Cold goes into the bathroom. There he talks with Mirror Master about a scheme he has been hatching since he came to work for Lex. Elsewhere, Superman and Lex are fighting Gorilla Grood. Lex asks what use is Batman now that he is on the team, but Superman tells him the Lex just doesn’t understand.

Cyborg is getting fixed after his fight with Power Ring, but Shazam is there, and wants to leave to help Superman. After Shazam leaves, Cyborg tells his dad that something is coming, something worse then Power Ring. On the Watchtower, Flash is trying to keep Jessica calm so Power Ring doesn’t take back over, but fails when the rings takes over again. In Africa Wonder Woman tries to show Lex that they need to help people, for just the reason of helping people. A little girl gives Lex a flower, which makes him feel weird.

Back on the Watchtower, Power Ring is running wild, until Flash tells Jessica to control it. After she takes control, she tells Flash she wants to use the power for good. At Wayne Enterprises, Lex and Bruce finalize a deal that will combine their two technology group, thus helping to create the future. Bruce has some harsh words for Lex, but Lex just laughs it off. After Lex leaves, Bruce tells Superman that the plan worked, and that they will arrest Lex tomorrow. After Lex has a press conference to announce his involvement with the Justice League, Lex is shown making a deal with Owlman. Is Lex still evil? (Probably) End of issue. This issue doesn’t make sense because some of the other stories are well past this issue, and Lex is a welcome part of the team. So is Captain Cold. I feel like each writer is just doing their own story, not working with the other writers to have the Universe make sense.

This issue gets a 2.5 out of 5.

GreenLantern_NewGods_GodHeadGreen Lantern/New God Story #01

There were two comics this week that started this storyline. Green Lantern seems to be trying to do something big, so lets see how they started out. The first comic saw the New Gods stealing all the different rings to create a weapon. Most of the stealing was pretty easy. No one was able to put up a fight, and even a new Red Lantern let them take the ring so she could die. The last two rings they need to get are the Blue ring and a Green ring. They find both on Mogo. They are able to get the Blue ring really easy because Saint Walker doesn’t want it. They try to steal the Mogo Green ring, but finally someone seems to fight back. That doesn’t do much as they get Mogo’s power ring.. The New Gods are able to create their weapon, which will help with the Life Equation. One more thing they want is White Lantern there to help them as well.

In the second book, the Green Lanterns need to get the ring back because Mogo is dying. Hal gets almost every Green Lantern to go after the New Gods. They are at the source wall when Hal gets there with the corp. Hal tries to talk about the rings, but eventually he attacks with his team. They fight with everything they have, but the New Gods wipe the floor with all of them. End of the first two issue of the story,

This story has some potential. The New Gods have a weapon to fight Darksied, and only need to kill a couple people to get it. This still leads to Hal needing to bring together all the Lantern Corps in order to fight this new threat. Will they come together again, or will Hal have more trouble? Who knows? All in all the first two issue did well.

I’ll give them a 3.5 out of 5.

Thor_001Thor #1

Thor gets started all over again. The male Thor has been deemed unworthy of being the thunder god. A new Thor is coming in this issue, but the issue starts at the bottom of the ocean. Roxxon is trying to find something, when their sub is attacked by something huge. We find out that the thing attacking was a bunch of Frost Giants, and they are about to attack the Roxxon ocean base. On the moon, all of Asgard is watching Thor trying to pick up his hammer. He’s been at it for weeks, and is showing a pretty badass beard.

Odin and Freyja are there, arguing about what is the best way to help Thor through this, Freyja finally tells Odin to lift the hammer, which the all father can’t do. Odin promises to melt the hammer down, but nothing he does works. When word gets to the moon that the Frost Giants are attacking Earth, Thor gets up and decides to go to the weapons hall so he can defend Earth.

Back in the ocean, Malekith shows up, helping the Frost Giants in looking for something important. It turns out Roxxon found something, but moved it to another base. Thor attacks with a badass axe. He stops a bunch of Frost Giants, but Malekith is able to stop Thor easily without the hammer. Malekith even goes so far as to cut off Thor’s arm, and toss him in a trench. Back on the moon, a mystery shows up, pucks up the hammer, and becomes the new Thor. End of issue. We literally got 2 pages of the new Thor, which kinda killed the idea of a new Thor coming. Guess we have to wait a little while to get to see her in action.

This issue gets a 3 out of 5.

CaptainAmerica_025Captain America #25

Captain America has been a wild ride since it restarted with the all new #1 about 2 years ago. This final issue starts with old Steve Rogers remembering the first time he met Sam Wilson. Everyone thinks he’s dead because he took a nuke into the sky when it exploded. Zola talks to Jet, and tries to get her to switch back to his side. Jet is seen in tears, but whether that’s for Sam or about was Zola said can’t be seen. Sam’s body falls back to the city, and Iron Man catches him. After Steve mourns a little, Sam wakes up saying his newly built wings protected him. Everyone is so happy he’s alive.

Jet sees Sam survived and runs up to hug him. Sharon accuses Jet of spying for Zola, and no one seems to come to her defense. They are going to take her into custody, but she gets upset about being called out for nothing, so she goes back to Zola’s side. Sam looks distraught, but everyone is happy to be rid of the potential spy. (Guess that happens for Sam when you’re nailing the potential spy)

One week later, Steve Rogers calls all Avengers over to the mansion. He wants to make an announcement, but everyone is joking around so it takes a while. First, Steve tells everyone that since he can’t be in the field anymore, he is going to plan operations from the mansion, while living there with Sharon. Everyone jokes about him being an old man, and Hawkeye is laughed at. The second announcement is the one everyone saw coming. Sam Wilson is the new Captain America. (Sam even jokes that it’s the worst kept secret ever) Sam ends the issue by yelling Avenger Assemble. I liked Jet so I hope she comes back to the good guys, but some fighting between her and Sam will create some great tension. This was probably the best way to transition to a new Captain America. Here’s hoping Sam Wilson does as well as Steve Rogers.

This issue gets a 3 out of 5.

That’s it for this week. A new Thor and Captain America has really taken it out of me. I just hope they don’t change them back too soon; I’d really like to see each character get a chance. I guess we’ll find out when the fan uproar reaches its height. Until next week!

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