Between Two Andrews: Ghostbusters

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Between Two Andrews: Ghostbusters

In the second episode of Between Two Andrews we watched the 30th anniversary re-release of a timeless classic, Ghostbusters. Seeing we were all much too young to see this during it’s original release we figured to give it a go.

Our special guests for this episode are Marah and Frank Malgapo. Watch as they overcome by too much Andrew awesomeness. Clearly this is a much more uplifting episode from our first go as we talked about the dreadful Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Seeing this is Ghostbusters and everyone loves that movie our spirits are much, much higher. And if you fall into that 1% that does not like this movie well then friend of mine you are not.

For a full review of Ghostbusters follow the link here: Ghostbusters Review.

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