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Seemed like a little of a slow week this week, with a couple great books as standouts. Marvel and Image both brought top flight contenders to the ring, while DC is relying heavily on their “Future’s End” storyline. Now that good and bad because they want to tell the full story, but if someone doesn’t like the “Future’s End” storyline, then its unlikely for them to read any of the DC books this week. It a bit of a risk, but I have to say not all the “Future’s End” book are terrible. On to the reviews.

Batman_Futures End#011Batman – Future’s End #1

Apparently Batman 5 years from now is in a really bad place. He’s holed up in some bunker, has tubes and machines all over him keeping him standing, and Alfred looks like he could be at Woodstock. Batman has seen better days. I guess a man fighting against super humans for as long as he has will eventually breakdown. (Not Batman!!) Even though he can barely walk, Batman wants his legacy to continue. (Sounds a bit like Ra’s) To that end Batman is trying to figure something out, but needs to get some formula from LexCorp in order to finish his work. Alfred doesn’t want him to go even telling him to pass the legacy on to the BatFamily (a blond Batgirl is shown on screen), but Bruce suits up. The suit up process is a lot more technical 5 years from now, because he needs exoskeletons, painkillers, and “biomesh” just to keep him moving.

Batman is able to get into LexCorp pretty easily, and makes it down to the sublevels. That is where he starts to run into problems. The defense system tries to slow him down, but the first stage of it is fooled and stops pretty easily. The second stage of defense involves robots, and a holographic Lex that continues to makes jokes. (It’s pretty funny) After getting past the second defenses, Batman has made it into the lab, and starts to download the information he needs.

As Batman looks around, he finds out that Lex is cloning Supermen again. Batman has to stop this, so he sets a bomb to go off in ten minutes. As Batman makes his escape, he wakes up Bizzaro, who tries to stop Batman. Batman is able to flee before his new Batman armor is destroyed, but he stumbles back to the bunker in really bad shape. After Alfred fixes him up, Bruce is able to finalize his experiment. Turns out Batman has been looking to clone himself the whole time, and needed Lex tech to do so. Now he will have a clone of himself carry on his legacy. End of issue. SO pretty much Batman 5 years from now is no longer a complete badass, and needs pain killers and biomesh to fight, but won’t fight anymore as his clones will do the fighting for him. F*** YOU DC. Why do you want to destroy the image of Batman so badly? I don’t get it. So 5 years from now Batman can’t do anything for himself, so screw it lets clone him.

I give this terrible story a .5 out of 5.

Every other Futures End this week

I’m still pretty pissed about the Batman book, so I’m just going to give you a run down of the other Future’s End books this week, because after reading them, most are pissing me off. Batgirl has become Batgirl Bane, and leads a bunch of Batgirls, best of them Stephanie Brown. She wants to kill Bane, and I think does, but then has a crying breakdown. Superboy is on a team with the same people that are in his book now, and they are going around destroying the other dimension version of Superboy. Best in that book is Rose Wilson.

In Green Lantern Corps John Stewart has become the most badass Green Lantern taking no crap from nobody, but joins the Indigo tribe when he thinks he went too far. New Suicide Squad sees Deadshot with one arm, helping Waller and the other squad members take down the group that is holding them hostage, and everyone dies by way of clones of villains. Justice League United sees Equinox trying to help Martian Manhunter, who is trying to build back up Mars, and gets captured by a bunch of villains.

Constantine is able to use magic and the helmet of fate to destroy Nabu and pretty much depower the helmet of fate. (No more Dr. Fate) Black Canary takes over the League of Assassins, then tries to clean up the world with them. Power Girl tries to break into Cadmus Island to save Huntress, only to be taken captive herself. Finally, in the main book, Batman Beyond breaks into Terrifictech and downloads the information he needs. Lois prints the story about Shazam dressing up like Superman, and on Cadums Island, Fifty Sue starts to tell Deathstroke about the deal she made with Brother Eye. All in all DC is pretty much destroying a great story that was Brother Eye before, and filling it up with a bunch of useless side stories, while making everyone confused…well done.

I give the entire story so far a 2 out of 5.

Amazing_Spider-Man#006Amazing Spider-Man #6

Spider-Man is back, and his good ole Parker luck is back with him. This issue starts as the last one ended. Black Cat is about to unmask Spider-Man, and Jonah is gonna show it on TV. Black Cat removed the mask, but Jonah stood right in front of the camera, meaning no one got a good look. Silk is able to cover Spider-Man’s face before Jonah moves out of the way. Before Electro and Black Cat can finish Spider-Man off, Silk is able to pick him up and escape with him. Black decides that she needs more muscle to take out Spider-Man, so she tries to get some other villains. The villains say no, because none of them want to team up with Electro.

Back at his apartment, Peter needs a little help (not a joke) from Anna Maria to remove the webbing Silk used to cover Peters face. She needs to get it off him in time for him to go run the demonstration to the police about the Electro containment field. Electro and Black Cat knock people out and steal their clothes in order to sneak into the demonstration. Spider-Man and Silk make it to the demonstration in time to try and stop Electro and Black Cat, but Black Cat decides to power Electro up with the machine.

When Spider-Man and Silk start ruining her plans, Black Cat changes the plan to make Electro explode from all the extra power. Spider-Man has a choice, stop Black Cat and let Electro die, or save Electro. He tries to save Electro, but the power is too much, they need Silks help to get out. Silk creates a web barrier, which protects everyone, and Peter is able to depower Electro with the device. The news bashes Spider-Man, and the villains saw what happened and want to join up with Black Cat. Even though his company is in trouble, Peter is happy he saved Electro, but his own employee Sajani was the one that willfully told Black Cat how to use the device on Electro. The issue ends with Peter happy, but Sajani talking of betrayal. This was an interesting book, but it seemed so rushed. We don’t even see how Electro got depowered, just that he did. I know they wanted to get a lot across here, but maybe it was a little too much. Even still, it was a good book.

It gets a 3.5 out of 5.

TheWalkingDead#131The Walking Dead #131

The restart of the Walking Dead has been slow for sure, but at least the last issue makes it look like things are starting to pick up. This issue has Marco still freaking out about the dead talking. Maggie leaves his side to send people to find Ken. No one believes that the dead are talking. (But that might be a new interesting twist) Sophia is then shown protecting a boy from a bunch of bullies, and when Carl sneaks up on her, she punches him thinking he was a bully. Sophia seems happy to see Carl. Maggie finds Dante, and sends him to find Ken, and does so somewhat coldly.

Carl and Rick join everyone from the hilltop for dinner, which looks like a giant BBQ. Carl sits and talks to Earl, and is relieved to find out he can have more then one apprentice. Carl talks to Rick about getting started tomorrow and won’t answer Rick when he asks about the letter the girl from their village gave him when he left.

Dante and his team find the barn Ken was hiding in, but they also find a ton of walkers. They are in a ton of trouble, but it looks like the gang knows how to defend themselves. Back at the hilltop, Carl tells Sophia he’s moving in with them, and Sophia looks about as happy as she can get. Rick is in the town hall talking with Maggie about old times, and the two can’t help but miss Michonne. (Where is she?) Back at Rick’s village, Andrea and Eugene talk about both their relationship, but then Andrea heads home. When she gets in the house, the newcomers wanting answers about the village jump her. End of issue. Still a bit slow with story development, but the walkers are coming, and the hilltop will probably have to defend itself soon. A zombie book with very little zombies is getting kind of old.

This issue only gets a 2 out of 5.

That’s it for me this week. I want to end on me telling you about how a few great manga books are coming to an end. History’s Strongest Disciple has one issue left, Naruto is winding down, and Bleach is not that far behind. I know all good things have to end, but to have all these books end so close together is a bit saddening. I know most of you are into different manga, but these have been my favorite books for a long time. I hope the writers and artists come up with new ideas soon after to replace these great reads. Until next week, go check out these manga.

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