Flargin’ Shows – AMC (3rd) Edition

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Flargin’ Shows – AMC (3rd) Edition

With the third edition of Flargin’ Shows I wanted to address a network that just gets it when it comes to putting out quality entertainment. That network being AMC. There are a few other networks that have just as good a track record as AMC but we’ll leave those for another edition. So without further ado here is Flargin’ Shows AMC Edition aka The Third.

The Killing


Network: Netflix     Seasons/Episodes Aired: 3/38     Status: Currently Airing

The Killing as some of you may know has had a rough go of it on AMC. It was initially canceled after it’s second season which wrapped up the initial murder mystery. Only to then have AMC renew the show after the showrunner gave a strong pitch for a third season. The show was then canceled for a second time to then be picked up by Netflix for a fourth and final season.

Okay so maybe that first paragraph didn’t really help sell the show. The first two seasons of The Killing follows two newly paired detectives Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holden (Joel Kinnaman) who are investigating the murder of Rosie Larsen. With the backdrop being rainy Seattle, Washington.

The show feels very real in many ways. For one quite a bit of questionable police work is at play. From the botched handling of crime scenes, to the sharing of information that should not be shared at the current moments. The interactions between the two main leads is also worth the price of admission. Linden may come off in a poor light to some people as she obsesses over the case at hand, letting it effect her personal life and leads to her neglecting her son. Then again child neglect is a reoccurring theme on AMC shows. So if you are tired of the run of the mill cop procedural shows (I’m looking at you Law and Order) and want something with a bit of substance and good story then check out The Killing.

Rating: Flargin’ Good!

Hell on Wheels


Network: AMC     Seasons/Episodes Aired: 3/30     Status: Currently Airing

Hell on Wheels I am a little behind on. 2 seasons to be exact but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the show. In fact if you are a fan of the western genre, then this show is an absolute must watch. The first season does start off a little bit slow but the way the final 4 episodes of the season come together was some truly good television.

The story backdrop of Hell on Wheels revolves around the expansion of the railroad in the United States. It captures the desperate times of what some people were willing to go through to just earn some sort of living or escape from whatever they were running from. Others are just piggybacking on the journey across the US in hopes to find the American dream. However in the case of the main protagonist Cullen Bohannan, he’s out on this venture following the killers of his wife, seeking out some revenge.

Rating: Flargin’ Great!

The Walking Dead


Network: AMC     Seasons/Episodes Aired: 4/51     Status: Currently Airing

I think I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with The Walking Dead. It has had some truly amazing episodes but it has also had some duds. I am a fan of the source material and I am 100% okay with them doing different things on the show from the graphic novel. It keeps things fresh. However some things they should have played much closer to the source.

I’m mainly looking at the tail end of season 3 with the Governor and the beginning of season 4 with… the Governor. A story arc that should have been wrapped up at the end of the third season but for whatever reason they wanted to drag it out into the fourth. Before and after that though I have no major gripes with this series. They have interesting characters for the most part, some wonderful acting (again for the most part) and they seem to be constantly pushing the boundaries of the gruesomeness of the show.

The Walking Dead follows Rick Grimes and his band of misfit survivors in the zombie apocalypse. The zombie element some might think is a main component to the show but it’s not, it’s about the human interaction and just trying to survive the day. Some of the best sequeneces involve just the living. One interesting element this show brings is that anyone can die at any moment. No character is untouchable (save for Rick and Carl) making ever tense situation that much more err umm… tense.

Rating: Flargin’ Great!

Breaking Bad


Network: AMC     Seasons/Episodes Aired: 5/62     Status: Ended 2013 (on Netflix)

Breaking Bad did something no other television show I have ever watched has done; out do the preceding season in quality every season. And the first season was of the highest quality, so what’s that say for the series.

I don’t know if I can really say much about this series that most of you have not already heard. It’s an exceptional story, with wonderful acting and just like all the other shows on AMC has a beautiful setting (they shot on location unlike certain networks).

The story of Breaking Bad follows Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who just learned he is terminally ill, with 2 years at most left. So he does what any parent who wants to ensure their families well-being would do, get into the drug business of cooking and selling meth.

Bryan Cranston usually gets a lot of praise for his acting on this series and deservedly so. It was a role of a life time for him but he is also a phenomenal actor. But the supporting cast in most cases is just as good. If you love great television that has a cinematic feel then I cannot recommend this show enough. Truly one of the best shows to ever come into existence.

Rating: Flargin’ Awesome!

Mad Men

Mad Men

Network: AMC     Seasons/Episodes Aired: 7/86     Status: Currently Airing

Depending on the day and my mood if you asked me what’s better Breaking Bad or Mad Men I would most likely give a different answer. For the life of me I cannot decide, which is probably better that way. Why does one have to be better than the other? Can’t they both just be amazing tv shows? And that’s what Mad Men is.

Currently in the first half of it’s final season and still going strong. Mad Men to me has never had a dull episode or a bad one for that matter. The characters all feel real and bring their own sort of intrigue. Don Draper (Jon Hamm) the main character in this series has so many layers of complexity to him and Jon Hamm does a wonderful job with the role. Another character on this show who is clearly a fan favorite for his witty banter and great quips is Roger Sterling (John Slattery). But I’ll let this clip speak for him and his acting.

Beyond the acting and great storytelling Mad Men does an amazing job of bringing the time period each season takes place alive. It really gives you a feel for how things were. So my recommendation, watch this show or else we just can’t be friends.

Rating: Flargin’ Awesome!

Flargin’ Rating System (Best to worst): Flargin’ Awesome, Flargin’ Great, Flargin’ Good, Flargin’ Decent, Flargin’ Bad, Flargin’ Awful.

Agree/disagree with my opinions or have a show you’d like me to watch? Let me know in the comments below.
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