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Here I am again because I some how got in to see the Amazing Spider-Man 2 before most people. (HAHAHA…I’m a ninja that watches movie screenings, you’ll never see me coming) With that out of the way I was a little apprehensive about this movie because of the last movies take on “With great power” and “The Lizard”. Hopefully this movie got rid of that for me. Lets find out in this Spoiler Free Review for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The Story:

Although at times it seems a little rushed with big time skips throughout the movie, the story is solid. It doesn’t exactly pick up where the last one left off because you can see some time has passed, but I think this works better because we don’t have to see all the teen angst of Peter and Gwen that seemed be abundant during the time between the two films. (Fine, I don’t need to see them get back together, then break up 10 times anyways) Peter is up to his old tricks, trying to balance life and Spider-Man. The Parker luck keeps coming back, just like in the comics, which is nice. There is a good amount off action, but it never takes away from the character moments, whether that’s Peter, Gwen, Aunt May, or any of the villains. The one part of the story I wasn’t huge on was a pretty big plot point. It has to do with Peter’s continuing search to figure out his parents. (You’ll understand when you see it…one hint…Roosevelt) This point made me feel less like Peter was a hero that didn’t ask for it, and more like he was meant for it. (I know I’m being cryptic but you’ll get what I mean after you see it.) All in the entire story was a great way to continue the Spider-Man franchise in a way that stayed true to the comics…mostly.

The Acting:

petegwen_amazingspiderman2Solid performances from Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. They seem to have the characters down to a science, and not only that, but they really seem to love each other. (Almost as if they are dating in real life or something…) Majority of the film is surrounding these two, so without their acting talents this movie would have been in a tough spot. They really do make the franchise right now. Another great acting job was done by Dane DeHaan. Although he didn’t play the exact comic book version of Harry Osborn, he did a great job of playing a character that you can see becoming something more sinister. Also, his Green Goblin turn was a highlight in the film for me. I wish he would have gotten more screen time, but I’m sure he will in films to come. Sally Fields was consistent, a veteran actor that knows what she’s doing. Not the best Aunt May but she doesn’t overpower the role either. Paul Giamatti is not nearly used enough. You really don’t even get to understand his character at all in this film. Such a great actor was not used well in this film. Felicity Jones shows up which is awesome cause she’s smoking hot, but she doesn’t play a very big factor. Finally, Jamie Foxx as Electro. The story tried to make you feel sorry for Foxx’s character, but you just end up feeling like he’s a stalker to most other people in the film. Unfortunately that doesn’t play well for Electro either because rather then making him into a real threat, the movie makes Electro into a villain that can’t do anything without someone telling him to. With three villains in this movie, its unfortunate that I was least impressed by the main villain.

The Action:

fight_amazingspiderman2Like I said before there is a good amount of action, but not so much that it takes away from the story. The sequences were for the most part really well done. The closing action sequence with Electro, Goblin and Spider-Man was one of the best I’ve seen in a Spider-Man movie. The problem comes from the opening action sequence. They tried to put a little too much comedy into it. I know Spider-Man has always been a wise cracker, but this was a little too much. Past that the action was great. In 3D it was even better because it didn’t feel like they added action just for the sake of 3D, it didn’t seem forced at all. Out of all the Spider-Man movies, these action sequences were probably the most believable, and the most well rounded.

The Verdict:

Ok, so I know that comic book movies are the hot thing out right now, but this one definitely continues to push the up hill trend. The movie pulls you in, makes you care, and then throws you through many emotional loops. (Less if you know the comic books, but still, many loops) This film falls into my top ten for comic book movies, maybe even my top 5. Marc Webb was done a great job with Spider-Man; to the point that you can tell that he is actually a fan. Is this movie perfect? No, but when I see a perfect comic book movie then you won’t need me around to review it, you’ll know that I have nothing bad to say. FYI, there is no after credits scene so don’t sit though the credits unless you want to know who the “best boy” is.

This film gets a 4 out of 5 from me, and I can’t wait to see the Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Kyle Post, has an affinity for comics. One might say he even loves them. Kyle joins The Review Zoo from a mutual connection via NEW-GEN, a comic book series, he and one of the Andrew's, worked on. Kyle loves sports, pro wrestling, video games and comic books. Basically meaning it means he fits right in here.

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