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This week, I was able to attend a screening of The Other Woman thanks to an invite from moving screening site, . But let me get to the nitty gritty.

I loved it.

Now don’t get me wrong. This movie isn’t going to change the way men and women talk to each other, its a not a comedy breakthrough like Bridesmaids that shows women can be just as gross and funny as men. This movie is pure silly fun akin to movies like The First Wives Club.

The movie starts with the whirlwind romance of Carly Whitten (Cameron Diaz) and Mark King (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) as they meet and seem to quickly fall in love over the span of ten minutes and two months in the characters lives. On the weekend Mark is supposed to meet Carly’s father, a pipe bursts in his Connecticut home and he has to go home to take care of it, leaving Carly upset and meeting her father alone. After some cajoling, she is convinced to go surprise Mark at home, in some very impractical plumber gear, and thats where the drama and fun of the movie begins, with the sudden appearance of Mark’s wife, Kate King (Leslie Mann).

Let me just say, Leslie Mann has gotten a lot of play in the last decade from appearing in the majority of her husband Judd Apatow’s films, and she has always been enjoyable. But I think this was the funniest she’s ever been in a film. She steals scenes in this movie and a very early one where she is starting to realize the nature of her husbands duplicity had myself and most in the theater cracking up. Leslie Mann alone is worth seeing the film for.

As these two women eventually come together to plot and scheme for how they can get revenge on husband/boyfriend Mark, they are introduced to a third woman he’s been seeing in Amber (Kate Upton). Amber is clearly here to fill the young ultra attractive woman role. She is so clearly young and attractive that Cameron Diaz’s character Carly has a very strong reaction when she realizes she may not have been the hot sexy mistress she thought she was.

Kate Upton plays her role fine. She’s not winning any awards and to be honest she doesn’t have a ton of lines, but the ones she has she delivers well and she plays the innocent, naive girl who looks up and follows the lead of these older women quite well. So kudos to her first big role in a film.

I’m not gonna give it all away but if you find Cameron Diaz or Leslie Mann funny this movie is worth your time. More so if you have a significant other who likes chick flicks, they will enjoy this.

Last but not least Nicki Minaj is in this film as Carly’s assistant, Lydia. Nicki is the same as Kate Upton, not a lot of lines, not a huge part, but I enjoyed her whenever she was on the screen so kudos to Nicki on roughly her first time out.

In the end, the other woman straddles the line between Cameron Diaz’s and Mann’s usual comedic flair, with a touch of Bridesmaids in some unexpected gross out humor, and a hint of the buddy comedy camaraderie that you expect from any Sandra Bullock comedy. I had a lot of fun. You might too.

the other woman

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