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I think I’ve finally recovered from last weeks shocking news/comic books. It took me some time, but the shock has passed. As long as something doesn’t startle me, I’m going to be fine… Is that a squirrel? I’m out. (Andrew won’t let me leave, so I’ll deal…damn you squirrel) This week we have a lot of great comics, along with a couple Forever Evil tie ins. Now, lets get to it. (I’ve got my eye on you squirrel)


Justice League #29


Cyborg is back at it. Trying to save the world in Forever Evil, even though most of the DC Universe has either forgotten the Forever Evil ever happened, or are past their Forever Evil tie in arcs. (That makes sense; keep the long story arc going even though it’s done in other books) I’m so tired of Forever Evil that I can’t really focus on it. That being said, this issue starts with Dr. Magnus and Cyborg recreating the Metal Men. Once their back, everyone makes small talk, and then the Metal Men agree to help Cyborg. The group goes to Happy Harbor, makes their presence known, which draws out Grid. (Before that there was a flashback of the start of Forever Evil, since it’s been so long readers need a recap) The fight starts with the Metal Men going after Grid, but Grid stops Mercury, and then calls in reinforcements in the form of the Fearsome Five. Grid is then consumed with finding out how the Metal Men feel, which leads to Cyborg and Grid having a virtual fight while the Metal Men defeat the Fearsome Five.

Digital Cyborg is getting beat up, but some how is able to overcome Digital Grid because Cyborg accepts that he is part man, part machine. Cyborg then locks Grid in his shut down body, but doesn’t destroy him because…I have no idea. Once the battle is finished, Steve Trevor shows up with Wonder Woman’s lasso, saying he can save the Justice League. More villains then knock out Steve, so Cyborg goes to save the Justice League while the Metal Men fight the villains. That’s how the issue ends, with no real movement other then Grid being shut down. The Justice League hasn’t been seen in about a year, and won’t be for at least another month. (But if DC keeps going like this, we won’t see them until the last page of Forever Evil, which is, I have no idea cause it’s gone on too long…way too long)

This issue was better then last issue, but not by much, so I’ll give it a 2.5 out of 5. If something doesn’t happen next issue, I give up.


Red Hood and the Outlaws #30


Red Hood has been a little out of it lately, but I think it’s starting to get going. Last issue the team was kinda back in their usual grove, with hijinks and tons of violence. Last we left the group, Roy was on Starfire’s ship when it got stolen, and Jason/Starfire were torturing one of the thieves to find out where they went. This issue starts with Roy coming up with a plan to fight back. Star and Jason go to find a ship to chase their stolen ship. They go to a Blackhawk headquarters to find the ship that will take them to another ship, which will take them to the stolen ship. A robot attacks them, which Star takes care of rather quickly. They find the ship, and fly off to the other ship.

Roy attacks the ship thieves, and then gets beat up. Before he gets killed, Roy activates his plan, which fries the thieves. Star and Jason find the other ship, but its in Shade. They crash in Shade, and are attacked by Frankenstein. Jason and Fire stop Frank for a minute, and then steal the ship.  Frank and Jason fight a little on the ships exterior, but that ends when the ship is about to launch, and Jason makes his way inside. Roy calls Star and Jason to let them know he took back over the ship, but is interrupted because the person that the thieves were stealing the ship for shows up. It’s Lobo…the real Lobo, and it looks like he is going to kill Roy. That ends the issue. Roy is in big trouble, and we are about to have a showdown between the Outlaws and Lobo.

This was a fun issue, with a bunch of little cameos. Blackhawks, Frank, and Lobo…oh my.

I give it a 3.5 out of 5.


Wonder Woman #30


Wonder Woman has been one bad mama lately. She’s fighting all her god/goddess brothers/sisters, defending babies and becoming the God of War. She is really on the rise in DC…probably because she’s going to be in a movie. Keeping with this idea, this issue starts with Wonder Woman becoming the Queen of the Amazons because her mother can’t be returned from her clay form. All of the amazons are not happy with this, but they go along with it. Down in Hades, Hell wants to attack Olympus and the first with his soul army, but Poseidon stops him for no reason what so ever. Back on the island, the Amazon’s don’t trust Hera or Wonder Woman because she is harboring male Gods on the island. Moon and Wonder Woman ask Hermes and Dio to leave in order to make the Amazons feel better. They reluctantly go, but there is still the issue with Zeke.

The First Born is then shown being a psycho, at a much higher level then before. He doesn’t just want Olympus, but to kill a lot more people. Quick cut back to Wonder Woman telling Zola that she will make sure that Zeke is protected. Wonder Woman decides that the best way to keep Zeke safe is to make the Amazons protect him. They will all consider him their own child, so says the Queen. This doesn’t sit well with the Amazons, but they reluctantly agree. Back down to the underworld, where Hell is torturing Zeus. Basically starving him, then only feeding him a grape. Hell still wants to attack, but it’s too late because the First Born is in the underworld ready to fight. He may have killed Hell, but that’s unclear. End of issue. This one was more of a way to have the Amazons not trust their new Queen. The seeds of mutiny are set, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

This issue was ok in my eyes, it gets a 2.5 out of 5.


Ultimate FF #1


I got excited about this one because I really wanted to see what happens to Sue Storm in the Ultimate Universe. She went through a lot in the late couple years, including her Dad dying, Brother leaving, Ex-Boyfriend going crazy trying to kill everyone, oh and Galactus coming to their universe almost kill the entire world. The new team is introduced real early in this issue. We have Iron Man, Falcon, Machine Man, and Sue Storm. Phil Coulson is also shown, but more in a facilitator role. The team has spent their time since the fall of Galactus tracking down dimensional anomalies. They find one in the form of a dome that has transformed a bunch of workers in New Jersey. (SHOUT OUT NJ) Iron Man, Falcon, and Sue go into the dome while Machine Man works the machines in the base. The workers were turned into monsters. The monsters attack the team right off the bat.

Coulson worries that the team is in major trouble, because the dimensional rift is too big to be closed, so he calls in a prisoner to help. (It’s probably Reed Richards) With the Rift still opened, Iron and Falcon get knocked out, and Sue tries to protect them, but is about to be beaten up herself. Just as all seems lost, the reinforcements arrive in a pod that breaks the dome, and then the mystery man closes the rift with some revolutionary technology that impresses both Stark and Falcon. Sue goes to confront the mystery man, thinking it’s Reed, but it turns out to be Dr. Doom. Wow, Doom back form the dead. The Ultimate Universe doesn’t bring people back, but they bring back Doom. Wow. This was a bit of a curve ball. Maybe the Ultimate Universe is changing big time. This was a great starter issue, with maybe the smartest team ever assembled.

I give it a 4 out of 5.


The Superior Spider-Man #31 (Final Issue)


Spider-Man is going through changes, back to the Spider-Man we all know and love. Spider-Oc has been interesting, but Peter Parker coming back makes everything feel right in the world. Goblin Nation all comes down to this. The final issue starts with Goblin keeping Anna Maria on top of a large building. Green Goblin waxes poetically about how he has won, and that NYC will become a true Goblin Nation. Spider-Man is then shown leaving his lab and talks to Sajani, who is pissed. Spider-Man then sees Charlie, who is still healing from the Goblin cure. He asks to talk to Charlie, who he explains that Oc is gone, and that it’s Peter again. Charlie then tells Peter everything about what Otto did, which leaves Peter thinking about all the things he needs to done once the Goblin is stopped.

Spider-Man then leaves to fight. Jonah is shown cursing himself for what he has done. Tiberius Stone is then shown selling off all the Spider-Slayers to other countries around the world. Spider-Man then goes back to where Spider-Man 2099 is fight, saves him, and then explains why he hasn’t been himself. 2099 goes along with it very quickly because he can sense that Peter is back. The Avengers are then shown fighting off Spider-Slayers and the Goblin Army, when Spider-Men shows up to help. Spider-Man and Cap talk a bit, and it seems the Avengers known that Spider-Man is different for the better. The Spiders then leave to save the day.

When they reach the Alchemax building, Menace attacks the both. Spider-Man cures Menace, then goes inside where little Normie is sitting in the office laughing like a nut. Liz comes in with Tiberius Stone, who has been using a Spider-Sense jamming machine. Spider-Man 2099 stops Stone, then takes everyone out of building while Spider-Man goes to fight the Green Goblin. The roof is rigged to explode, so Goblin revels in Spider-Oc losing, but its short lived when one joke makes Goblin learn that it’s the real Spider-Man. Spider-Man goes after a running Goblin, then uses one of Goblin’s toys to free Anna Maria. Spider-Man crushes Goblins hands, but Goblin makes Spider-Man drop the cure.

Spider-Man unmasks Goblin to see someone he doesn’t know. Turns out Norman Osborn has been changing his face into an Alchemax executive, and to get the job done. Osborn built up Alchemax to leave his legacy for little Normie and to take over NYC. Spider-Man then used the unmasking as a way to have his mini Spider-bots deliver the Goblin cure. Spider-Man catches both Anna and Osborn before they can hit the ground. Spider-Man brings Norman in only to have Liz hit the sense jammer, which lets Norman escape. Osborn is shown escaping through the subway, but he is no longer a madman, now he is the fully in control Norman Osborn, which could be more dangerous. Spider-Man sees Spider-Man 2099 off, and then talks to Anna Maria about Peter Parker still being alive. This makes Spider-Man realize that one person has died…Otto.

The issue ends with a bunch of apologies, first to Aunt May, then MJ, then Jonah. Peter and MJ talk, and MJ is done with Peter Parker life, not because he’s bad, but because him being good puts people in danger. Peter understands, but is hurt. As MJ leaves, Charlie is there. They talk, and both don’t want anything to do with Parker, to the point where Charlie is moving away from him, to the south. The last bit of the issue shows Jonah resigning, then promising to now do the kicking against Spider-Man. This ends the Superior Spider-Man series. Slott did it again. Norman Osborn is still a threat, Normie, Liz and Stone are new threats, and Jonah could become a somewhat villain to Spider-Man. The series ended well, and now Spider-Man needs to bring his world back together.

I give this issue a 4 out of 5 because it answered most questions, but left some things wide open to new possibilities.

That’s it for this week. Great comics, and this isn’t even including all the X-Men books. Great day to be reading. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to finish things with that Squirrel. (Game on little guy….game on)

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