MediKidz Motion Comic Could Be A Life Saver. Literally.

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Last week I discovered a few new motion comics apps in the iOS App Store. One was from VisionBooks, which my review of it will be up this weekend.

The other is from Medikidz, a company whose goal is to spread medical information to children in a format they can understand with their self named superhero team, the Medikidz.

Now I love comic books. I also love anything that gets young kids to love comic books and I think Medikidz have a unique approach here.

medikidz_logoCreated by Dr Kim Chilman-Blair  and Dr Kate Hersov, both coming from a background of pediatrics, Medikidz was founded by the two after they became frustrated by the lack of engaging education for their young patients. During their time as doctors, they were unable to provide children with resources to help educate them about their new diagnoses or medicines – in their language, at their level. The lack of useful material for young people worldwide surrounding medicine and health, what little of which exists typically targets parents only, was the catalyst which lead them to create Medikidz.

Since launching in September 2009, Medikidz has created a series of comic books and now has over 20 titles, including Type 1 Diabetes, Epilepsy, Autism and Depression. With books now being distributed worldwide and 2 new titles being produced every month, Dr Kim looks set to change the way young patients receive information and support about their conditions.

There are a lots of companies doing motion comics, but MediKidz, in teaming up with Cognito Comics, a company specializing in “Pioneering the Future of Interactive Storytelling,” come together to make an intriguing and interesting book. Full of sounds special effects, and buttons to push to get more in-depth knowledge on a subject, MediKidz and Cognito makes it easy for kids to learn about the processes going on inside their bodies or the diseases/conditions they or someone they know may deal with in a fun and simple way that still gets them all the facts.

With 65 Books currently available from Medikidz, covering topics from asthma, diabetes, ADHD, depression, and HIV, the MediKidz are definitely on the job to make sure kids know the facts about the world around them and keep them and parents entertained while they do so.


Currently they only have one motion comic available in the iOS App Store and Android Play Store, with more on the way. When you download the MediKidz app, the free story you get is MediKidz Explain Type 1 Diabetes, where a child named Ashleigh is rescued while playing and goes on an adventure while learning about the diabetes she lives with while taking a trip around Mediland.

The animations are slick, the sound effects aren’t obtrusive and do the job to keep your attention as you go through each page, and the artwork in this particular issue is done by Philip Hew and David Ocampo who do an excellent job of bringing the characters to life with their expressive style.

Primarily a UK based brand, recently, Medikidz teamed up with The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey.


MediKidz Explain Epilepsy was a unique title for the brand. The company created a comic book around a real-life case study; a 14-year-old patient named Jack. Jack was brought on board to help advise the Medikidz team of medical and comic book professionals about the ins-and-outs of living with epilepsy as a teenager. The 32-page full color comic book has since become another invaluable resource for people of all-ages diagnosed with epilepsy. In fact, thanks to a MediKidz presentation at Jack’s school late last year, a female classmate who read the book realized that she was also experiencing seizures, and is now getting the right treatment for her own epilepsy diagnosis!

medikidz_real_lifeThe MediKidz brand comes off lighthearted and good natured and not cheesy like tie in books we typically get from big publishers like Marvel and DC where they team up with brands that are well known. The only thing the motion comic left me wanting know was an animated cartoon version of the book now. Something on PBS you could pair with Sesame Street and really get kids interested and learning from the comfort of their homes while they have fun.

Then again, the Medikidz has only been around for 5 years and has been primarily UK based. Maybe we’re about to see another British Invasion soon enough with the MediKidz leading the way. One can hope.

Andrew McDonald is not a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. He actually works way too many jobs, but he started The Review Zoo because he had an opinion he wanted to share. Then he found people equally opinionated to join him. Currently he is working on a web series and a comic book.

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