Incredible Hulk Solo Movie Problem Solved!

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Incredible Hulk Solo Movie Problem Solved!

For quite some time now people have been clamoring for a new Incredible Hulk solo movie since his well received appearance in The Avengers but Marvel is a bit hesitant with doing so. For one they think there are a lot of obstacles in the way to get the movie done properly, making him appear heroic. However I feel the obstacles really aren’t that big at all and Marvel is just being overprotective. Sure the Hulk will always be a misunderstood character, he’s been that way since the beginning, but when you get to know the character you realize he’s just a big green gentle giant.

So in Marvel’s eyes for this Incredible Hulk solo movie to work you need a story that allows this character to appear heroic. Of course this does not mean only as the Hulk but Bruce Banner as well. Bruce has as always been portrayed as the victim and this is something that would need to be played upon heavily. Surely after the events that took place in the Avengers Banner would go back into hiding. For one General Ross would want to resume his hunt for him but that wouldn’t end up being the biggest threat to Banner. He’s got SHIELD watching his back and we don’t need another General Ross vs Hulk movie.

The true danger for Bruce and the Hulk would come from an old friend, crazed with his newly found power. I’m talking about Samuel Sterns. As you may recall he popped up in the Incredible Hulk movie starring Edward Norton. Also you might recall that he came in contact with the Hulk’s blood on an open wound he had on his head causing his head to start bubbling up. Enamored by the raw power of the Hulk and thinking he can control the beast The Leader (Stern) would need some sort of plan to try and lure him out.

In the highly intelligent mind of The Leader he would see this as an easy task. He’s had years to plan and most likely enough Hulk blood samples left allowing him to create an army (lets say robotic army) with the ability to track subjects based on DNA signatures. Of course a massive robot army uprising would also grab the attention of SHIELD. Taking the situation somewhat lightly they send in one of their most experienced operatives and currently available; Hawkeye.

This would put the two on a collision course with meeting somewhere in the middle, most likely during an attack on the Hulk by the Leader’s robot army. Of course after the dust settles we get a near skirmish between Hulk and Hawkeye setting up a gem of a conversation which I would imagine to go something like this.

The second half of the movie would play like a detective movie with Hawkeye and Bruce Banner trying to track down the source of this robot army leading them to the Leader’s doorstep. Then of course a massive battle ensues, our heroes victorious, Hawkeye and Hulk almost hug it out and then big green walks off into the sunset. Roll credits, insert clip setting up future movie, more credits, Shawarma and finally the end.

Now I am not saying the only feasible way to do a Hulk movie is to insert another character. I just see this as being one of the more interesting ways to go about it. Having a Hulk/Hawkeye team-up movie does a few things. For one we get more of big green in all his awesomeness glory. Two, it gets Mark Ruffalo more screen time as Bruce Banner and on the flipside hopefully satisfies Jeremy Renner and his contractual obligation to the character of Hawkeye. Finally as awesome as a character Hawkeye is, his own solo movie wouldn’t really work as his villains are not so great so inserting him into a bigger picture scheme with another character who has a super villain nemesis just makes sense.

Of course none of this is ever likely to happen with that supposed Incredible Hulk tv series that is stalled in production hell because they are still looking for a writer or so that was the reason last I checked. Then there is Captain America: The Winter Soldier in which Hawkeye may or may not show up and as some people have theorized he may be the body under the sheet. I for one don’t believe they would kill him off in this movie cause they have Avengers: Age of Ultron coming up and Joss Whedon has said characters will die in this film (Yeah right, just like Coulson).

What are your thoughts on a Hulk/Hawkeye team-up movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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