Who’s Under the Sheet In Captain America 2?

Who’s Under the Sheet In Captain America 2?

The Captain America 2 Trailer hit during the Superbowl, providing a much anticipated look at the new film.

The movie is due out in just two months, but now one question will pick at the back of my mind until I see it.

In a scene with Black Widow, Captain America, and Maria Hill, way in the back and almost not noticeable, they are looking sad as they stand next to someone under a sheet. But whose body presumably is it?

5. The Falcon4. Agent 13 - Sharon Carter3. Hawkeye2. Winter Soldier1. It Has To Be...

Looking at that scene, someone clearly isn’t in it. That someone is a new character, just introduced into the film who is supposed to be a major character.

Sam Wilson, the Falcon, as played by Anthony Mackie.

I put him at 5 because while its interesting he isn’t there I don’t think its him. Falcon has a long history in the Marvel Universe as one of Cap’s best buds and as one of the few black superheroes that is decently well known it also makes me think it’s less likely he’s the one under the sheet.

undersheet4_agentcarter4. Agent 13 – Sharon Carter

Another new character being introduced in this film is Agent 13, Sharon Carter, presumably the granddaughter of Cap’s former WWII girlfriend Peggy.

Sharon is also another big deal character in Cap lore. A long time love interest of Captain America who most recently came to seemingly tragic death saving him, she could also be under the sheet.

Knowing that the character is supposed to be a love interest, and seeing as how the trailer that first hit for the movie was about Cap going out on a date, makes me think we will get a slight bit of flirtation between the two during the film.

But enough flirtation to make her death a sad moment for the three involved? Hmmm…

undersheet3_hawkeye3. Hawkeye

This one admittedly is a long shot.

Up till now we’ve heard absolutely nothing about Hawkeye in this new Captain America movie, which to me has made no sense at all.

Sure he was in The Avengers and will more than likely be in the second one too, but this is the movie where he makes the most sense and can do the most good without fighting crazy aliens and gods. Yet again, no mention of the guy at all.

And in this quick snippet note whose crying. Natasha, the Black Widow. What if Clint Barton does pop up in this movie, only to die a heroes death saving someone else?

Its not like Marvel hasn’t been willing to kill Hawkeye before, why not now?

undersheet2_wintersoldier2. Bucky aka The Winter Soldier

Could the body be that of The Winter Soldier? Clearly he is the enemy of SHIELD in the film, but as a former ally of Cap and it being a film we’re all expecting him to break his mind control and turn over the side of angels before the end.

But what if even if that happens he saves someone on the good guys side then dies? Its possible, and currently in books, the world thinks he’s dead and he’s just in deep cover. Its definitely the kind of move Fury would make.

I’m betting against this, as the actor playing Bucky could be a great replacement for Evan’s if he ever decides enough’s enough of Cap. Plus it fits nicely into the comics with him taking up the mantle.

But again, we’re back to Natasha crying. Would they have some deeper link or could it be…

undersheet1_nickfury1. Nick Fury

It’s gotta be Fury.

Here are my reasons why.

1. We’ve already seen in the film that Nick is in a pretty bad accident and looks like he even requires surgery. Someone is seriously gunning for him and SHIELD.

2. Ever since the Avenger’s we have seen Nick Fury is not the end all and be all of SHIELD. Even in Agents of SHIELD we have gotten the impression that Fury’s taskmaster’s don’t always believe in his method for doing things. And as extreme as Fury can be in a fight, he typically isn’t ready to destroy a city or kill one of his operatives just to get the job done.

3. With the new trailers we see that Fury is almost handing off the reins of SHIELD to Captain America with his line, “Looks like your giving the orders now Captain.”

4. It makes sense that Widow would cry over the loss of Nick Fury as he was the one who would have accepted her into SHIELD and given her a chance to make up for past mistakes and create a new life for herself. Although in the background, one person who doesn’t look too beat up about this is Maria Hill. But then again, if Cap is now in charge it means a promotion has passed her by.

5. This is where the LMD’s (Life Model Decoys) finally come in. After an accident like that in the movie and the surgery, if Fury is up and moving around he’s too smart to let himself do so injured. Life Model Decoy’s are made to look exactly like a person in a variety of states or conditions.

Fury fakes his death, slipping back into the shadows where his former bosses can’t watch and target him so he can finally go after them himself and take them down.

My pick is Fury Life Model Decoy under the sheet for the fakeout.

Leave your opinion below if you disagree. I’d love to hear other theories.

Andrew McDonald is not a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. He actually works way too many jobs, but he started The Review Zoo because he had an opinion he wanted to share. Then he found people equally opinionated to join him. Currently he is working on a web series and a comic book.

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