Justice League: War Review


Justice League War

If Flashpoint wasn’t enough a clue then Justice League War should tell you everything you need to know.

We are no longer in the Timmiverse. SOME SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW!

Justice League War is the latest entry of animated movies from DC Comics, this time telling the tale of how the Justice League formed in the current New 52 DC Universe.

Justice League War does an excellent job of portraying the tone of this bold new world and the style behind it as first seen by Jim Lee and Geoff Johns in the comic book run of the same name.

But like I said this ain’t the DC Animated films you may remember from growing up.

This world is slightly harsher. The truths of heroism and villainy go a little bit further in their pursuits of justice and domination. In this universe heroes aren’t afraid to curse under their breath when the going gets tough, or to literally stab out the villains eyes if that’s where the most of his devastating attacks are coming from.

Andrea Romano once again handles casting the voice actors for this endeavor and once more she does a masterful job in finding actors who not only fit the roles but feel like they have for years.

The story itself is a simple one. Parademons have secretly been on Earth kidnapping humans and preparing the planet for invasion by Darkseid.

Batman and Green Lantern are the first of the heroes to meet and discover the creatures. That’s followed by a trip to Metropolis to see the alien called superman, who gives both men a hell of a fight.

The film then quickly introduces Vic Stone/Cyborg, Barry Allen/The Flash, Billy Batson/Shazam, and Diana Prince/Wonder.

Shazam’s inclusion is an odd choice. While they fit him into the story smoothly, in the original book run his role is played by Aquaman, a character with a long and storied history in the Justice League. One could think Aquaman is again being downgraded in his role as Justice League member, but a teaser at the end of the film hints at a much bigger role for the character in future installments in the New 52 Animated Universe. But perhaps they felt the last story Flashpoint was more Aquaman centric and are positioning the character of Shazam as well for bigger things.

I liked this film. Then again I tend to like the majority of DC’s animated films. I definitely like them more than I like their live action counterparts. The animated DC Universe has always felt more true to its comic book roots and at the same time has always adapted things well and believable to make the transition from page to screen and enjoyable one.

But this film may be an adjustment to some people. And it’s definitely not as easy knowing the universe has seemingly changed overnight for a majority of characters.

But then again, isn’t that the nature of comic books?

Justice League War is now available, you can get it everywhere and if you love DC or justice league you owe it to yourself to check out this new beginning and take on the creation of an iconic team.

I give it 4 out of 5.

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