What Does Agents of SHIELD Have in Store for Mike Peterson?

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(Some Spoilers Below)

After last weeks episode of Agents of SHIELD, The Magical Place ended with showing Mike Peterson still alive but not whole I instantly had the thought maybe they are turning him into Deathlok. From some of the digging I did on the internet I am also not the only one with this theory. For those of you unfamiliar with Deathlok there have been multiple people to don the name Deathlok. All of whom were dead and reanimated with the Deathlok Technology.

Now for those of you who saw the episode would notice Mike Peterson was not dead and did not seem to have been resurrected from what was presented. However from his state alone some things can be inferred. For one the right side of his face was badly burnt. Something all the Deathloks have in common, a deformed right side of their face.

The next thing that made me go hmm was the fact he was missing his right leg. It just seems only fitting they will give him a cybernetic leg, something Deathlok had and I believe both of his in most instances were cybernetic, but things can always be changed up a bit. Then there was the bit we saw with the cybernetic eye installed within him so his captures can see what he sees and also force him into doing their bidding. If not they hit the kill switch just like in the episode Eye Spy.

To add more to the theory he already has super-human strength and reflexes thanks in large part to the centipede experiment. Two abilities Deathlok had. One of the other kickers is his affiliation in some of the books was with SHIELD.

So the main question is will Mike Peterson end up being killed then resurrected? It’s a possibility, if they are going the Deathlok route. Then again they may very well add more to his suffering and bring him to the brink only to have SHIELD save him by making him into Deathlok using this “new” tech. We already know Fury is willing to do things to people even if it’s going to put them through a great deal of suffering (Coulson).

I for one am very hopefully this is the direction they take Mike Peterson in as it will bring in more of the superhero aspect to the show and Deathlok is a damn cool character.

What are your thoughts on this theory? Let us know in the comments below.

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