San Diego Comic Con, Say It Ain’t So!

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Badge Preregistration information went up today for San Diego Comic Con 2014 and some bombshells have been dropped.

No more multi day passes and increase of amount for preview night passes.

This is gonna sting a lot of people.

I can see why they may do this, as a means of allowing more people to actually attend the show and better gauge how many people are coming in each day of it.

But at the same time, ticket prices didn’t even out and remain the same. They’ve now gone up from where they were last year.

How will this play out? Will fan reaction be kind? That remains to be seen.

But this does remind me of last years NYCC. A friend of mine was trying to get a pass for another day. I called up comic book shops around my area. One New Jersey shop owner complained bitterly that what few passes he got didn’t include any multi day and that the only people he’s pretty sure who got multi day, were Midtown Comics in New York, of which they sold out of those passes within the hour.

I know shop owners last year weren’t happy about the passes they got to sell. It all remains to be seen. This may be a glimpse of things to come at this years NYCC.

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