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Netflix Party Mode

There is a project that I just caught wind of this morning. A project to bring back the Netflix Party Mode Feature for PC’s and potentially more.

I had a quick online interview with two of the creators behind the Netflix party mode. Here is the full conversation on this truly awesome project. Check out the interview, watch the pitch video below, then sign the petition!

Project Video

Petition to Get it Made

Andrew: First off lets get the introductions out of the way. What’s yours and your partner developers name, expertise and years working as a developer and what company do you work for (If you can say)?

Matt: My name is Matt (I’m the shorter dark haired one), Jason is the other guy in the video. Our full team is actually 5 so we have mad dev support. I’ve been coding since I was 14, Jason since he was 18 and we’re both 24, but our other members are older than us. Can’t say the company yet until it’s released (I so want to get enough support on that page so we can work on this!).

Andrew: What made you want to do this?

Matt: We honestly missed party mode a ton. It was really fun to be able to watch random movies with other people instead of just by yourself, like going to the movies with 4 people but wayyyy easier to coordinate or get going and it could be more spur of the moment… plus you didn’t need pants ;D Basically what happened is we developed this in free time because we wanted it back so badly. Now that we have the opportunity to work on it for actual work to make something people really love we’re pumped!

Andrew: Why PC first instead of a console? Although I assume it’s because Sony and MS work with Netflix for specialized versions and your pc one is like an overlay that handles the synching process.

Matt: PC first yes it’s because on consoles right now we can’t lay anything¬†over¬†Netflix as we can on the PC. It lets us give the experience without wrangling any contracts or making you sign up for a different service. Netflix did the heavy lifting of acquiring the content, we just want to add to the experience so you can watch with whoever you want without being in the same room. The over top bit lets us sync everything, run chats and images, resize the movie, and more. The other bit is that on XBox you can at least have people over but people who don’t have Netflix on their TV can’t even have more than one person watch with them on their laptop screens, they really need something like this to be able to get that going-to-the-movies experience that we all want.

Andrew: Would a OSX or Linux version be next?

Matt: Since we’re browser-based it immediately works for OSX and Windows but Netflix itself doesn’t support Linux :( As soon as they do we’ll work too! This first version is in Google Chrome only, but luckily that means anything that runs Chrome and Netflix works too!

Andrew: How long do you think it would take to complete?

Matt: I’m thinking a couple of months if we get to work on it full time but people who sign up will definitely get emails earlier than that to see if they want to be some of our first testers!

Andrew: Would it be free? If not what would it cost?

Matt: Free!! For the foreseeable future and definitely for people who support us at this stage. Even if it went paid it would need to be super low cost since Netflix is cheap to start.

Andrew: Can we play with your test version?

Matt: When it gets a bit further along we’ll be sending out emails for testing! Right now it’s not in the state where it’s a simple install, we set up some local servers etc. since it was made originally just for us to use since we missed Party Mode. But as soon as we have anything fit for the masses we’ll be shouting at everyone!

Andrew McDonald is not a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. He actually works way too many jobs, but he started The Review Zoo because he had an opinion he wanted to share. Then he found people equally opinionated to join him. Currently he is working on a web series and a comic book.

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