Thor, The Movie Review!

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Thor, The Movie Review!

The summer movie season started last week with the release of the awesome fifth installment in the Fast and Furious franchise. This week follows up with what has become a new tradition of the summer, the blockbuster superhero film.

There are arguably three this summer preparing to duke it out, Captain America next month in June and Green Lantern shortly after in July. But this month we start things off with a hammer blow, delivered by the best hammer swinger in comics, The Mighty Thor. I forgot X-Men First Class too!

I got to see the movie earlier today at a special Marvel invite only screening. The house was packed easily with a few hundreds and everyone was excited to once more see the Marvel logo on screen when the movie began.

Thor is the story of the Norse God of Thunder. Not a crazy man who thinks he is, although we human beings are unsure whether to take his claims seriously, but an honest to god…well god.

The story is told in a way to introduce the audience to the idea of the fantastic and the idea that not only superheroes, but God’s, walk among the people of this planet. Thor’s world of Asgard stands in sharp contrast to the mortal world of New Mexico that we see Thor eventually find himself in. We see the highs of Thor’s victories against the Frost Giants and learn how he comes to be on Earth and powerless.

Every actor in the movie does a top notch job. Hemsworth is every bit the god, standing tall over the normal cast members and coming across with a self assured confidence and charm that only a god of thunder could possess. Hopkins and Portman do a fantastic job of making a serious matter of the craziness of Thor’s reality. And Hiddleston is magnificent and duplicitous as Loki, with every shot of him looking the schemer and villain. Elba, The Warriors Three, Russo, Dennings, and the rest are all regal, godly, funny and awesome which makes me want to see more of Asgard and the gods of Marvel.

The special effects rock. Whether its giant beasts, Frost Giants, or a slightly too short encounter with The Destroyer, the look of all the battles are amazing and definitely deliver.

I saw the movie in 3D and while it did feel like Asgard and the environments had increased depth, I also felt myself thinking that movie looked far to dark in some scenes which I am certain the 3D glasses were the cause of. So I can’t recommend seeing it with or without them. All I can say is the movie is awesome and if you are a fan of 3D you should enjoy it, but don’t expect it to blow you out of the water with anything you haven’t seen before. Thankfully the 3D at least isn’t gimmicky and Thor isn’t throwing his hammer at the camera for cheap effects.

The after credits teaser is a good one and definitely gives a strong hint of what The Avengers will be about and definitely who will cause the most problems so make sure to stay for it!

Personally I can’t wait till Captain America next month. I love superheroes and have always loved Marvel. With the Avengers filming starting this month for their film debut next year it’s a great time to be a superhero film fan. Thor is fantastic first step into the cosmic extra super world of Marvel superheroes. If you’ve been satisfied with the Iron Man films and the last Incredible Hulk, you should definitely enjoy this and stay tuned for more from the House of Ideas.

Andrew McDonald is not a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. He actually works way too many jobs, but he started The Review Zoo because he had an opinion he wanted to share. Then he found people equally opinionated to join him. Currently he is working on a web series and a comic book.

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