Looking for a deal? Postabon may be your site.

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Looking for a deal? Postabon may be your site.

On Wednesday, April 14th, I went to an event with Danielle Clarke, from the popular site LivingFreeNYC.com, at the new Bar West 3rd Common Bar in NYC. We were invited to the official launch for the deal finding website Postabon.com. There were tons of NYC bloggers in attendance to partake in the delicious menu at West 3rd Common and participate in live demos of the Postabon site. It was a fantastic space that was inviting, spacious and had a genuinely friendly staff.

We briefly talked with  Stuart Wall, Co-Founder and CEO.

“We set this up so people can vote for the things they like, and then we’re able to curate it and say what the best deals in NY   are on a particular day. People can then choose to either come to the site and see that or get an email with the things we think would be relevant for them, so its a community approach to helping people find value in brick and mortar stores.”

Postabon was started by three guys straight out of Harvard, where like their about us section says, were looking for good deals on everything since nothing makes you want a good deal more than paying off student loans.  Postabon helps you find and share the best in-store discounts in the NY area.

The discounts and deals are found and generated on the site by the very people using it too find deals. Users can upload ideas through the website or their iPhone application. Deal finders for the site earn Karma points for every deal they post. The more points you accumulate the higher you can rank on Postabon’s Karma Board. The higher you get on the Karma Boards, the better chance you’ll have access to some site exclusive deals or be eligible for chances of winning prizes or invites to special events.

Postabon’s site is up and running with a new look and interface. Make sure to check them out.

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